Matthias Breen, a Minnesota success story

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Matthias Breen, a Minnesota success story

Post by smcarberry » Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:15 pm

This obituary appeared on p. 2 of the St. Paul Daily Globe edition of 16 Jan 1890.

The final part of the last sentence, now in the image, continues with this wording after the words Thomas M. Breen:
"Mary L., the wife of H.T. Quinlan, of St. Paul, and Annie, now at her mother's home."
Matt Breen, pt1.jpg
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Re: Matthias Breen, a Minnesota success story

Post by smcarberry » Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:38 pm

The hard-copy version of Missing Friends ad (published in the Boston Pilot newspaper) has one that fits Matthias
Breen who started out in the D.C. area and wound up in Minnesota. The same ad also is shown in the online Missing
Friends database placed online by Boston College; that version provides a section which provides Irish jurisdictional
information for the person being sought. The ad for Matthis has an East Clare location, and, of the 5 Clare
townlands, three are in East Clare. However, Breen is not an East Clare name, and in fact the 1901 census shows
a Breen family in South Lakyle, in the West Clare parish of Killofin. If anyone has information that might support
Matthias as being from East Clare, I would be interested in that, because of my interest in the person who sought
him, whose surname might be either Cannon or Cunneen. My Patrick Carberry's sister-in-law Bridget Donnellan married James Cannon, deceased as of 1860, with Philadelphia-born children John J. and Bridget Cecilia. I have a likely ship arrival record of a young married couple James and Bridget Cannon, leaving Ireland at the right time for my family's Philadelphia couple. Also, Patrick's apparent brother Peter Carberry's first wife was Margaret Cunneen, deceased in Clare as of 1864.

Sharon Carberry

Missing Friends ad [hard-copy version, paraphrased]
published 15 Jan 1853
seeking Matthias Breen and his sister Margaret, from Laghkil [no additional words]
Matthias left July, 1851; both were in Maryland
ad placed by John Cunninn, Braggville, Massachusetts

1860 Virginia [VA], Henrico County, Richmond city
Mathias Breen, 27 Ire, stone mason

1870 Massachusetts, Middlesex Co., Holliston [contains a Braggville Station]
John, 35 Ire, grocer
Catherine, 26 Ire
Michael, 60 Ire, grocer

1870 MN Ramsey Co. St. Pau;
Malthias, 40 Ire, stone cutter
Eliza, 40 Ire
Thomas, 9 VA
Mary, 6 MD
Michael, 4 MD
Lizzie, 10/12 MN, b. Aug

1880 MN Ramsey Co. St. Paul
Inothiar BURNE, 45 IRE, Contractor
Eliza BURNE, wife, 38 IRE
Thomas BURNE, son, 19 VA, Working For Architect
Mary BURNE, dau, 15 DC, Going To School
Ann BURNE PRUNE, dau, 7 MN

1900 MN, Ramsey Co., St. Paul
Thomas W. 38 W.VA, RR freight agent [1910: marble & stone contractor]
Rachel A., 31 MN, parents: Eng, married 16 years, one child born [1920: widow]
Bessie E., 14 MN

1900 MN, Ramsey Co., St. Paul
Homer T., 42 IL, parents: Ire, swine broker
Mary, 31 D.C., married 12 years, 3 children born
Lucile A., 10 MN
Howard T., 9 MN
Marie A., 6 MN
sister-in-law: Breen, Nan, 23 MN
Quinlan, Millus, 31 IL
O'Connor, Harold T., 22 IL

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Re: Matthias Breen, a Minnesota success story

Post by shannonotoole » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:21 pm

My husband is Mathias Breen's great grandson, and I have done a significant amount of research, together with another great grandson on the West Coast, and would be happy to share it with you when I have a bit more time and have my records with me. Shannon O'Toole Quinlan, USA

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Re: Matthias Breen, a Minnesota success story

Post by pwaldron » Thu Dec 12, 2019 10:05 pm

There are a number of extensive online discussions of Matt Breen from Lakyle in Killofin parish who ended up in St. Paul, Minnesota: ... hias-breen ... o-maroneys ... -emigrant/

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