Tithes for Kilsiely Parish are in Wexford (by mistake)

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Tithes for Kilsiely Parish are in Wexford (by mistake)

Post by Sduddy » Fri Mar 15, 2024 3:01 pm

The tithe applotment books held in the National Archives have been digitally imaged and sorted by county (http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarc ... b/home.jsp), but Kilsiely parish, Co. Clare, has been mistakenly included in Kilscoran parish in Co. Wexford. (This mistake was notified to NAI by Murf back in Nov 2012 – see topic “Tithe Applotment Books Webpage at National Archives”: http://www.ourlibrary.ca/phpbb2/viewtop ... f=1&t=4454.)

Opening page: https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00691.pdf

Page showing how land was divided into lots of different value and amounts of tithes decided: https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00717.pdf

Pages showing agreement between Revd Francis Synge and Revd William Butler:
https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00720.pdf
https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00721.pdf

My transcription:

It is hereby agreed upon by the Revd Francis Synge Rector and the Revd William Butler Vicar of the Parish of Kilsiely in the Diocese of Killaloe and County of Clare, and by a Special Vestry duly held for said Parish pursuant to the provisions of 4th Geo 4 chap 99 entitled an Act for the establishing of Compositions for Tithes in Ireland for a limited time that the sum of Two hundred and forty pound British shall be paid as the annual composition under the said Act for all the Tithes payable out of sd. Parish of Kilsiely in the following proportions namely to the a foresaid Francis Synge Rector one hundred and twenty pounds British and to the Revd. William Butler vicar one hundred and twenty pounds British to last for twenty one years.
It is further agreed upon by the said Vestry that John Bentley of Elmhill Esquire be appointed a commissioner on the part of said Parish of Kilsiely. Dated this 1st March 1826

Saml. Bindon Chairman
Francis Synge Rector of Kilsiely
William Butler Vicar of Kilsiely
James Going
William Bentley
Pat Burk
Laurence Kinnick
John Burke
Geo McDonnell
William Woulfe
Thos Doyle
Danl Ryan
Pat Molony
Pat Harman

William Welsh of Newtown Esq was appointed a Commissioner for the Parish of Kilsiely on behalf of the Titheowners.
end of transcription.

Page showing statement by John Bently and William Welsh, Commissioners: http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarc ... _00718.pdf

My transcription:

We John Bentley and William Welsh commissioners duly appointed and sworn, under and by virtue of an act made in the fourth year of the reign of King George the fourth Entitiled “An Act to provide for the establishing of compositions for tithes in Ireland for a limited time to ascertain and fix a true and just composition for all tithes arising, growing, yielded or payable with the Parish of Kilsiely in the County of Clare, do hereby certify that the true and just amount of composition for all tithes whatever within the said Parish is two hundred and forty pounds (British) by the year, of which [ some illegible words here] and twenty pounds are due and payable to the Revd Francis Synge, as a composition for all the tithes claimable by him, as rector of said Parish, and one hundred and twenty pounds (British) are due and payable to the Revd Wm Butler, as composition for tithes claimable by him as Vicar of said Parish. This first half yearly payment to become due and payable on the first day of May eighteen hundred and twenty seven.
Signed this 8th day of June 1826.
William Welsh, John Bentley, Commissioners.
end of transcription.


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