Rev Archdeacon Kenny’s “Strange Labourers", Tithes, Kilmanaheen parish

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Rev Archdeacon Kenny’s “Strange Labourers", Tithes, Kilmanaheen parish

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Mary Considine, one of the contributors to the topic “Tithe Applotment Books Webpage at National Archives” ... n&start=15 (see page 2 of the topic), mentions that there are some pages in the tithe applotment books for Kimanaheen parish listing ‘Strange Labourers’. I was intrigued by this and found some of the pages concerned. This, I think, may be the first of those pages: :https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00315.pdf
Leets Directory 1814 for Co. Clare gives the occupier of Mill-Mount, Ennistymon, as Rev. Archibald* J. Kenny. Otherwise I would not be able to say who the employer of the “strange labourers” was: ... s_1814.htm.

* Margaret Gallery, who donated the family history of The Kenny Family of Treanmanagh, ( ... 0_1800.htm), believes “Archibald” should be “Archdeacon”.

Here is my transcription of the first page (the page number is not clear):

Labourers Names as follows
At work Millmount since 27 January 1820 to 18th October sowing Potatoes, Ploughing, Dressing Potatoes, Making up Hay and Oats in the Haggard. Keeping (?), cleaning the garden at Millmount and Digging potatoes, Drawing home and making up Turf.

Tim Walsh, Balingady, 3 days, 1 morning, 4s 10d
Michael McGuin, do. [Ballingady], 6 days, 6s 6d
James Gorman, Castlequarter, 5 days, 5s 5d
Michael Linane alanse (?), Ennistymon, 6 days, 6s 6d (crossed out)
Michl Lenane, Callura Cross, 7 days, 7s 7d
Bartly Hayes, Deerpark East, 6 days, 6s 6d
Austin Hanrahan (faded note here), Janesborough, 3 days, 3s 3d (crossed out)
William Bennis, Deerpark old, 2 days, 2s 2d
John Lysaght, Deerpark East, 2 days, 2s 2d
John Fitzgerald, Deerpark old, 1 day, 1s 1d
Tim Quirk, do. [Deerpark old], 3 days, 3s 3d
John Hogan, do. [Deerpark old], 3 days, 3s 3d
Edmd Stack, Ballingady, 5 days, 5s 5d
Patt Gallagher, Woodmount, 2 days, 2s 2d
Michl Considine, Deerpark old, 4 days, 4s 4d
Michl Kerin, do. [Deerpark old], 2 days, 2s 2d
Michael Heher, Kilaspuglenane, 5 days, 5s 5d
Lauce. Deny(?), Newtown, 2 days 2s 2d
Total - £3 14s 2d.

Next page (page number is not clear): https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00313.pdf
Strange Labourers Names, Residence, Days
Brought forward £3 14s 2d

John Cross, Callura, 8 days, 8s 8d
Peter Malone, Knockbrack, 12 days, 15s 0d
John Cushin, pd him in cash, Truhill, Dec 4t 182(?), 8 days, 3s 3d
Patt Mahony, Deerpark old, 3 days, 3s 3d
Michael McMahon, Eantaquarter, 9 day, 7s 7d
John Lysaght, Deerpark old, 12 days, 7s 7d
James OConnor, do. [Deerpark old], 7 days, 7s 7d
Pat Devitt, do. [Deerpark old], 1 da 1s 1d
Denns Conway (?), do. [Deerpark old], 7 days, 7s 7d
James Power, Woodmount, 12 days, 13s 1d
Thomas Finn (?), Deerpark old, 5 days 5s 5d
Dennis Mulquiny, do. [Deerpark old], 7 days, 7s 7d
Lauce Doherty, do. [Deerpark old], 6 days, 6s 6d
T(?)ney Morgan, do. [Deerpark old] 1 day, 1s 1d
Morty Hogan sen. do. [Deerpark old] 2 days, 2s 2d
John Madigan, Woodmount, 3 days, 3s 3d
Martin Luoney, Kilcornan, 5 days, 5s 5d

Michl Mongavin, Clouncoul, 5 days, 5s 5d
Sedt (?) Leyden, do. [Clouncoul], 3 days, 3s 3d
James Obrien, Maulduff, 19 days, £1 0s 7d
Jadt (?) Doogan, do. [Maulduff], 10 days, 10s 10d
Thos Fitzpatrick, Deerpark old, 2 days, 2s 2d
Michl Doherty, Woodmount, 2 and a half days, 2s 8d
John Gallaher, do. [Woodmount], 1 day, 1s 1d
John Fitzpatrick, Deerpark old, 1 day, 1s 1d
Patt Hickey (Hohey?), Woolmount, 1 day, 1s 1d
James Quinn, Truhill, 4 days, 4s 4d
John McCarty, Callura, 2 days, 2s 2d
John Clune, Clouncoul, 12 days, 13s 0d
Daniel Meehan, do. [Clouncoul], 7 days, 7s 7d
Pat Kinnane, do. [Clouncoul], 5 days, 5s 5d
John Kinnane, do. [Clouncoul], 3 days, 3s 3d
Michael Sexton, Kilcornan, 2 days, 2s 2d
Lauce. McGuire, allans (?), Balingady, 5 days, 5s 5d.

Pages 21 and 22: https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00304.pdf

Amount of strange Labourers work as entered up to the 18th October 1820 come to – £26. 7. 6.

January 13th 1821
Saving early potatoes at Millmans:
James O’Connors, from Calluragh, 5 days
Michael McMahon, from Newtown, 4 days
Laurence Deely, from Newtown, 3 days
Patt Kinnane (?), from Newtown, 4 days
Terance Gallagher, from Killis[?]unane, 4 days
Lot Leydan, from Clouncoule, 3 days
Thomas Reynolds, from Calluragh, 3 days
Stephen Reynolds, from Cloncoule, 2 days
Lot McInerny, from Ballingaddy E., 1 day
Michl Linane, from Ennistymon, 2 days
John Hogan, from Deerpark, 3 days
John Cross (?), from Calluragh, 2 days
Murty Hogan, from Maulduff, 1 day
Austin McCarty, from Newtown, 2 days
Patt Doogan, from Maulduff 1 day
Widow Glyne, from Newtown, 1 day
John Malone Maurice, from Knockbrack, 2 days
John Obrien, from Maulduff, 3 days
John O’Connell, from Cloncoule, 1 day
John ODonnell, from Woodmount, 3 days
John Quealy, from Calluragh, 1 day

Dec 10th 1820
Martin Louney, Making Kinan’s Hay, from Kilcornan, 3 days

Jan 25th 1821
Oats in the Haggard
Michael McMahon, from Newtown, 1 day
Martin Louney, from Kilernane, 1 day
Edmund Stack, making baskets, from Knockanena, 4 days

19th February
Saving Oats and working in the garden
Austin Hanrahan, from Deerpark Old, 2 days
Bartly Hayse, from Deerpark East, 5 days
John Doherty, from Aughishy, 7 days
Martin Bushell, from Knockbrack, 8 days
John Cross, from Calluragh, 15 days
Michael McMahon, from Newtown, 6 days
Thos Cahill, from Balingady, 5 days
Davy Wren, from Deerpark E., 3 days
Michael Considine, from Deerpark O., 2 days
Edmond Stack, from Ballingaddy, 3 days
Lott McInerny, from Ballingaddy, 14 days
Patt Obrien, from Deerpark, 2 days
George Cross, from Calluragh, 2 days

Pages 23 and 24: https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00303.pdf

Strange Labourers Names, Residence, Days, brought forward:

Michael Barry, from Woodmount, 3 days
Patt Gallagher, from Woodmount, 2 days
Michael McMahon, from Newtown, 4 days
John Cross, Calluragh, 2 days
John Kelly, Calluragh, 2 days
John Cross Batty (?), Calluragh, 2 days

16th March – Men stripping ground and preparig ground for potatoes

James Curtin, Moymore, 3 days
Michael McMahon, Ballyfadden, 1 day
Michael Doherty, Woodmount, 1 day
Patt Gallagher, do. [Woodmount], 1 day
Daniel Doogan, do. [Woodmount], 4 days (followed by faded note)
William Bennis, Jones Borough, 2 days
Michael Dohert, Woodmount, 2 days
Thomas Lysagh Salles (?), Bogbury, 1 day
Rodger Kinnulty, do. [Bogbury], 1day
William Bennis, Jonesborough, 2 days
Patt Doherty, do. [Jonesborough], 1 day
Thomas Lysaght, do. [Jonesborough], 1 day
Michael Conulty, do. [Jonesborugh], 1 day
Michael Sexton, Kilcornan, 6 days.
Michael Hanlan, Woodmount, 2 days
William Molony and son (?), Jonesborough, 2 days
Patt Halloran, Sandfield, 2 days
John Fitzpatrick, Jonesborough, 1 day
John Fitzgerald, Blind (?), do. [Jonesborough], 2 days
Austin Kennedy, Moymore, 1 day,
Michael OLoughlin, B9?), do. [Moymore], 1 day
Patt Malone, Knockbrack, 2 days
John Cross Batty, Calluragh, 1 day.

Page 25 : https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00302.pdf

Payments ot Workmen as follows and thus Rec[orded?] this 14 January 1822

To Patt Connole, Ballingaddy, 5s 8d
To John King, Deerpark old, 5s 0d
To John Lysaght, Ennistymon, 6s 4d
To John Cushen, Thruhill, 3s 3d
To James Gorman, Newtown, 10s 10d
To Danl Gorman James, Knockbrack, £1 1s 10d
To Darby Hanrahan, Deerpark old, 3s 4d
To do [Darby Hanrahan] and several others, £4 15s 1d
To Thos Healy in part for stripping the hill, 1821, 6s 5d
To John Healy for do. [same job], 13s 11d
To James Gorman for do. [same job], 13s 11d
To John Cushen for do. [same job], 13s 11d
To Martin Bushel for working in the garden, 14s 1d
To John Cross for ploughing, 18s 5d
To Patt Hogan for ploughing hill, 9s 2d

Page 26: https://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalar ... _00302.pdf

Payments made by Patt McInerny for A D Kenny as follows the da(?)ects of same (?) up to 14 January 1822

To Austin Carrigg, Butcher, £2 6s 9d
To Patt Early, Lisdoonvarna, 11s 4d
To John Byron, Carpenter, Ennistymon, £2 12s 0d
To Thos ODonohue, Ennistymon, 7s 0d
To Neptune Emerson, Ennistymon, £1 16s 2d
To Michl Halloran, Shopkeeper, Ennistymon, £1 0s 0d
To Danl Moloney, Ballingaddy, 10s 0d
To John Welsh of Quin Sawyers, Ennistymon, 7s 2d
To Patt Quinn, Shopkeeper for glue, do. [Ennistymon], 1s 2d
To Women, 7s 7d
To Connor Obrien, of do. [Ennistymon], 4s 1d
To James Flanagan, of do. [Ennistymon], 3s 4d
To Thomas McInerhiny, Calluragh, 1s 0d
To James OBrien for flags, Ballagh, 1s 0d
To Charles Healy, Ennistymon, 4s 4d
To Denis Keane Severally of do. [Ennistymon], £1 10s 0d
To Michl Lynch, Shoemaker, of do. [Ennistymon], 11s 9d
To James Roche, Smith, of do. [Ennistymon], 2s 8d
To Repairs on the Church, 10s 11d
To John Cross, Calluragh, 8s 8d
To Michl Quin Roche and Higgins, Ennis, 12s 0d
To James Moloney for Glazing, Ennistymon, 2s 6d
To Mathias Foley for lime, Aticristora, £2 1s 2d
To Michl Lyons and Brother, Ennistymon, £1 0s 0d
To Thos McInerheny, Calluragh, 5d.
end of transcription.

There may be more pages. If so, I would like to be helped to find them. And I would like mistakes to be pointed out.

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