Kealy of Ogonelloe, 1935 NY death, rellies McNamara, Lee, Reidy

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Kealy of Ogonelloe, 1935 NY death, rellies McNamara, Lee, Reidy

Post by smcarberry » Fri Oct 27, 2023 11:49 pm

As the month nears its end and the celebration of Halloween reminds us how close we are to the spirit world, here is ample substantiation that we each can have a sudden end in the midst of a life being fully lived. Spelling in the original articles is displayed without change.

S. Carberry
Patrick J. Kealy, 55, of 31-24 Cold Spring Road, died suddenly from a heart attack at his home on Sunday morning. He was a native of Ogonnolloe, County Clare, Ireland. He is survived by his wife Ann; a sister, Mrs. Catherine Reidy, and three brothers, John, James, and Edward Kealy...Mass of St. Mary, Star of the Sea Church, and Calvary Cemetery.
4 Sep 1935 Rockaway News
Patrick Kealy, who died September 1 at his home 3124 Cold Spring Road, left an estate of $20,000, divided evenly between real and personal property…Besides $10,000, the wife, Anna Kealy, is to receive the furniture, jewelry, and wearing apparel...The income from the remaining third [of a trust fund, 2/3s to wife Ann] goes to a sister, Catherine Reidy of Manhattan...At the sister’s death, the principal of her fund goes to her children.
13 Nov 1935 Rockaway News p.4
...To: Daniel Reidy, father of Daniel Reidy, residing at Bellkelly, Tomgrany, County Clare, Irish Free State (Daniel Reidy died unmarried 1/26/36 leaving no issue, no will, and no estate to be administered), Dennis Lee, Michael Lee, Timothy Lee, John Lee, infants over the age of fourteen years residing with their parents Michael Lee and Kate Lee, at Snata, Bellvoir, Sixmile Bridge, County Clare, Irish Free State, Anne McNamara, Mary Josephine McNamara, Catherine McNamara, Brigid McNamara, Timothy McNamara, John McNamara, Nova Theresa McNamara, infants under the age of fourteen years, at Knockbeha, Flagmount, County Clare, Irish Free State, being the persons interested as creditors, legatees, distributees or otherwise in the Estate of Patrick Kealy, also known as Patrick J. Kealy, who at the time of his death was a resident of 3124 Cold Spring Rd, Far Rockaway, L.I., N.Y., in the County of Queens…
Upon the petition of Ann Kealy…
8 Dec 1936 Rockaway News p.7

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