A fine farewell 1858 for Thomas Kenney of Tomgraney

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A fine farewell 1858 for Thomas Kenney of Tomgraney

Post by smcarberry » Thu Jan 12, 2023 11:04 am

In the newspaper the Boston Pilot a singular death item appeared amid ordinary death mentions on 13 March 1858 for a man there called Kinney whom I want to believe is Kenney. I also want this poem to be original, so that it stands as a wonderful creation in memory of a friend. That’s inspiring, and you deserve to know about it. Here is the full item as it appeared in the Pilot, taking up a lot of space there but well worth it. I have added nothing to the notice or stanzas.
On Sunday evening, the 21st of February, at the residence of his brother, (Timothy Kinney), 7th street, Mr. Thomas Kinney, in the 22d year of his age. His remains were conveyed by his friends to Steubenville, Ohio, where they were interred in the burying ground attached to the Catholic Church. May he rest in peace.

May He who died upon the Cross for all,
Consign his soul to everlasting rest;
Tho’ he died young, his friends lament his fall,
For he was sober, generous, and just.

We pray to Him who claimed him as His own,
Who made the planets and the ocean roll -
Who sits in judgment at His holy throne,
To have mercy on our brother’s soul.

Tho’ much we loved him, we will not repine,
For death’s a debt that mortals cannot shun;
Tho’ being beloved, to God we him resign,
And say – “O Father, let Thy will be done.”

He emigrated from the county Clare,
Where he was taught the paths of vice to shun,
And yet, his parents are residing there,
To mourn the loss of their departed son.

Ah ! Toomgreaney he will see no more,
The ancient spot where Thomas had been born;
For Angels left him on salvation’s shore,
Therefore, my friends, we have no right to mourn.

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