Surname Lennon becomes Leonard

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Surname Lennon becomes Leonard

Post by Sduddy » Fri Oct 21, 2022 11:15 am

In his account of the surname Lennon, Edward MacLysaght gives three distinct septs the name originates from. He goes on to say, “Further confusion arises from the fact that these have widely changed the name to Leonard” (The Surnames of Ireland, sixth edition).

Here is an example of Lennon becoming Leonard:
Caher Feakle Baptism Register 1873-1881:

8 Apr 1874: Margaret of James Linnon and Bridget Halloran, Slievanore.
?? Apr 1876: Michael of James Leonard and Bridget Halloran, Slievanore.
20 Sept 1878: Thomas of James Lennon and Bridget Halloran, Slievanore.
28 Jan 1881: Ellen of James Lennon and Bridget Halloran, Slievanore.

Here is another example:

3 Jan 1875: Margaret of Owen Linnen and Bridget Brady, Slievanore.
22 Mar 1879: Pat of Owen Leonard and Bridget Brady, Slievanore (Married Nora Elizabeth Mahony in St. Paul’s, Pittsburg, PA, 22 Sept 1899).

Here is another example:

25 May 1873: Bridget of John Lennon and Mary Lawless, Slievanore.
6 May 1875: Mary of John Lennon and Mary Lawless, Slievanore.
8 Apr 1877: John of John Leonard and Mary Lawles, Slievanore.

Here is another example:

7 Mar 1875: Margaret of Thomas Lennon and Mary Brady, Slievanore.
31 Aug 1879: Rose of Thomas Linnard and Mary Brady, Slievanore.
This Rose b. 1879 is Rose Lennon in the 1901 census: ... e/1084996/
Rose married John McGann in Flagmount chapel on 21 Jan 1902; the record shows the change from Lennon to Leonard: ... 736171.pdf

The 1911 census shows that all the Lennons in Slieveanore have become Leonards.


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