Surnames in Irish in 1911

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Re: Surnames in Irish in 1911

Post by Sduddy » Wed Oct 27, 2021 10:10 am

No. 551 (Ní Nialáin): ... 001748058/
Áine Filimín Ní Nialáin (Anne Philomena Neylan/Nilan), aged 14, staying at Brews, Castle quarter, Muckanagh DED, is “inghean inghine” (daughter of a daughter).

No. 553 (Ní Fhloinn): ... 001748428/
Liam Ó Floinn, aged 60, living in Ranaghan, Muckanagh DED, gives his occupation as “Maor”, which the enumerator has translated as “Steward”. In 1901, Liam (William) gives his occupation as Farm Servant. His father’s occupation is Shepherd: ... 000460940/

No. 557 (O Maoldhomhnaigh): ... 001762261/
Rísteard T. O Maoldhomhnaigh, living in Newmarket-on-Fergus Town, Newmarket DED, gives his occupation as Fuinnteoir (Baker). In 1901, he has the same occupation: ... 000466524/

No 559. (Ua Rathaille): ... 001793444/
Pádriag Ua Rathaille, living in Ardataggle, O’Briensbridge DED, gives his occupation as Feirmeoir & Fear Siopa (Famer and Shopkeeper). In 1901, he has the same occupation: ... 000483530/

No. 568. (O Raghallaigh): ... 001748754/
Seaghán O Raghallaigh is aged 80, is living in Moyhill, Rath DED, and his son Tomás, aged 39, is living with him. Máire aged 40 is wife of Tomás, so her relationship to Seaghán is “bean a mhach” (wife of his son). Séamus O Raghallaigh, aged 16, is “Mach a mhic” (son of his son). Eibhlín, aged 8, is “Inghean a mhic” (daughter of his son). The record of the marriage of Tomás and Máire in 1891 gives the Irish name for Moyhill as Knocknacarte as does the record of the birth of their son Patrick in 1892: ... 876163.pdf

No. 574. (Uí Dúbhchaine): ... 001748777/
In 1911, Toirdhealbhac Uí Dúbhchaine, aged 26, living in Rafline, Rath DED. He is Terence Duggan, aged 17, in 1901: ... e/1068275/ Terence is an anglicization of Toirdhealbhac, also pronounced as Traolach.

No. 599. (Ní Chléirigh): ... 001763239/
I am amending Cleary to Clara. Ó Cleirigh is usually Cleary, but Máire Ní Chléirigh and her son, Seaghán, living in Leamaneigh More, Urlan DED, give their surname as Clara in 1901: ... 000467078/
The record of the marriage of Seaghán, in Feb 1911, gives his surname as Clara: ... 614303.pdf, and, likewise, the record of his mother’s death in 1936: ... 293920.pdf
The civil records show that Clara was almost entirely a Clare name.

No. 603. (Ní Ailpín): ... 001763326/
Liam Ó h-Ailpín, and his wife Cáit are living in Urlan Beg, Urlan DED. Their daughter, Eilís, is aged 14. Usually, Eilís is Elizabeth, but in this instance it is Beatrice: ... g/1072116/

Well, I’ve been thinking about Láchtín O hOgáin from Ballyvraneen (mentioned in my posting above). I noticed that his sister Teresa gives her age as 23, which is a little older than her true age (she was born in 1890): ... 897015.pdf). It may be that Láchtín did likewise and that he is the child called Joseph who was born in 1893. It may be that Láchtín is a second name, or a pet name: ... 862665.pdf.


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Re: Surnames in Irish in 1911

Post by Sduddy » Thu Oct 28, 2021 10:01 am

No. 8 (Mac An Airchinnigh): ... 001763660/.
Síneadh, the eldest daughter of Seaghan Mac An Airchinnigh and his wife Mairighead, living in Cahersherkin, Ballagh DED, gives her birthplace as “Alban” (Scotland). Six of the other children were born in Co. na Midhe (Co. Meath), and the 1901 shows the family living there in Oldcastle, Oldcastle DED: ... 001128346/. Sínead is usually given as Irish for Jane, but here it is Irish for Jessie. Cathal is given as Irish for Charles – this was the usual Anglicization of Cathal.
Mairighead Nic An Airchinnigh was Margaret Nicoll (from Co. Limerick); Una Nic Niocaill may be Margaret’s sister, but just describes herself as a visitor (ar cuairt).

No. 37 (Ní hEichir): ... 001772117/
Seumas O’hEichir, living in Ballyragara, Ballynacally DED, gives his occupation as Siúnéir (Carpenter) and “Siopa dom (earra cruaidh)” (as far as I can make out), which means “I have a Hardware shop”. In 1901, Seumas gives his occupation as Carpenter and Builder: ... 000472056/

No. 49 (Ní Cullinán): ... 001768109/
Sibhán Ni Cullinán, living in Leeds, Ballyvaskin DED, is Johanna in 1901: ... 000469422/

No. 53 (Ní Glíseán): ... 001798073/
Mathúin Uí Glíseán, living in Coolready, Boherglass DED, I expected to have given his name as Mahon in 1901, but it is Martin. His daughter Siobhán is Johanna: ... 000485689/

No. 55 and No. 56: (Ní Cadhla) (Ní Dhochartaigh): ... 001798089/
I am amending “Kealy / Keane” to Kiely.
Seosam O Dochartaigh, living in Coolready, Boherglass DED, is “Maighistir scoile agus Maighistir Poist” (Schoolmaster and Postmaster). His sister, Brighidh Ní Cadhla, is Schoolmistress. She had married Patrick O’Kiely in January 1911: ... 614413.pdf. It is interesting to see that Brighid and Pádraig Ó Cadhla gave their names in both English and Irish in the marriage record. I think that some registrars did not accept forms completed in Irish. Padhraig Ó Cadhla must have returned to his teaching post in Waterford – the 1911 census shows him there: ... na/663946/
In 1901, Joseph O’Doherty and Bridget O’Doherty were both living at home in Coolready, and both were already teaching: ... 000485690/

No. 79. (Ní Chéirinn): ... 001755802/:
Síle Ní Chéirinn, living in Clare Town, Clareabbey, gives her maiden name (she is wife of Seán Gordún, Schoolteacher). Seán’s birthplace is Sasana (England). The record of the marriage of John Gordon and Cecelia Kerin, in Ennis, in 1910, provides another example of names given in both Irish and English: ... 634600.pdf
The records of the births of the children of John Hildred Gordon give the mother’s name as Mary Ellen, which bears no relation to either Síle, or Cecelia, but Mary Ellen must have decided otherwise.
Mary Kerin was born to John Kerin and Margaret Taaffe in 1880: ... 043657.pdf. The record of her baptism gives her name as Mary Ellen.

No. 88. (O Cuinneáin): ... 001761391/.
I am amending Cunneen to Kinnane. I think Andréas O Cuinneáin, Giolla (Servant or Gillie) at the house of Padraig an tSeaca, in Clenagh, Clenagh, is the Andrew Kinnane, aged 19, living at home in Drumline, Drumline DED, in 1901: ... e/1071621/

No. 91. (Shinners): ... 001787218/
Miceál Shinners, living in Cloghera, Cloghera DED, gives his occupation as “Fear an amaidh, Siúneir,” (Carpenter). In 1901 he describes himself as Master Carpenter: ... 000482404/

No. 92. (Ó Briain): ... 001787316/
I have only listed Tadhg Ó Briain, living in Trough, Cloghera DED, and have omitted Margaret Keane, living in the same house, and who gives her occupation as Coimhéadoir, which might mean Occupier, or Keeper, but means Housekeeper in this instance, I think. Tadhg gives his occupation as “dearbhráthair mná an talmhán (Feirmeoir)”, which means “Brother of a woman of the land (Farmer).” The 1901 census shows that he is a brother of Margaret: ... 000482453/

No. 93. (Ó Maoldhomhnaigh): ... 001787318/
Pádraig Ó Maoldhomhnaigh, son of Pádraig Ó Maoldhomhnaigh, living in Trough, Cloghera DED, gives his occupation as Saor Adhmaid, Siúnéir, two different words for Carpenter. Another son is Conchabhar, a name often given as Connor, but in 1901 he is Corney: ... 000482452/

I think I have done as much work as I can with the 1911 names in Irish, so I will now set about inserting the names I had omitted and present a new list of names.


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Re: Surnames in Irish in 1911

Post by Sduddy » Fri Oct 29, 2021 9:57 am

A few more notes:

No. 101 (Ní Conmara): ... 001764508/
Pádraic Ní Conmara and Máire [Longe] living in Clooney South, Clooney DED, have a son Máthion, who was called Matthew in the record of his birth: ... 689595.pdf

No. 14 (Lidda): ... 001763682/
Bríghid Lidda, aged 17, “Seirbhéiseach Ginearálta” (General Servant), at the house of Áine Nic Annairchinnigh, in Cahersherkin, Ballagh DED, might be Bridget Leddy, aged 6, living at home in Martry, Clooney DED, in 1901: ... 000467693/

No. 117 (Ó Maolainn): ... 001764665/
Pádraigh Ó Maoláinn and his wife Nora, living in Moanreel, North, Clooney DED, have as son, Loclainn, (mis-transcribed as “Boclainn”), aged 16. He is Lot, aged 6, in 1901: ... 000467700/, and the record of his birth in 1894 gives his name as Lott: ... 842231.pdf
The name “Lott” seems to have been a tradition in the Mullins family of Moanreel, as this civil record shows: ... 319695.pdf

No. 119 (Ní Maoláin): ... 001764669/
Muiris Ó Maoláin, living in Moanreel, North (Clooney DED), gives his occupation as Maoir Bóthair Íarain (Railway Ganger). In 1901, he was newly married and living with at the house of Martin O’Looney, his father-in-law, in Monreal North, Clooney DED: ... 000467708/. Maurice Mullins is mentioned briefly in In the Tracks of the West Clare Railway, by Edmund Lenihan – see page 115, the last page of this preview of the book: ... &q&f=false

No. 125 (Ní Loinghsigh): ... 001780126/
Mícheál Ó Loinghsígh and his wife Bríghid, living in Coolmeen, Coolmeen DED, have their baby granddaughter (inghean mhic), Máire Ní Loinghsigh, aged 2, staying with them; birthplace: Baile Atha Cliath (Dublin).

My new, improved list is attached. The numbering is now out of kilter with the old numbering. I will use the new numbering if I have any further notes to contribute and I hope there will be contributions and corrections from other people as well.

Surnames in Irish -1911(3).xlsx
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Re: Surnames in Irish in 1911

Post by Sduddy » Sat Oct 30, 2021 10:26 am

Well, I’ve found a mistake already: No. 193 (Ní Ghiobúin): ... 001753816/. “Gibbons” should be “Fitzgibbon.” Anna Ní Ghiobúin, a widow, aged 45, living at the house of Seaghan MacFhlannchadha, in Parnell Street, Ennis No. 2 Urban DED, is Anne Fitzgibbons, Shopkeeper, wife of Patrick Fitzgibbons, living in Main Street, Miltown Malbay DED, in 1901 (I think): ... 000470240/
This marriage, in 1894, may be the marriage of Patrick and Anne: ... 845116.pdf.
Patrick Fitzgibbons died in Miltown Malbay in 1903, aged 80; informant: Annie Fitzgibbons, widow of deceased: ... 596138.pdf
Anne Fitzgibbon died at Parnell St., Ennis, in 1933, aged 62: ... 314637.pdf


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Re: Surnames in Irish in 1911

Post by Sduddy » Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:46 pm

I looked in the 1911 census for people living in other counties who gave their birthplace as Co. Clare and who gave their names in Irish. I set up a spreadsheet, thinking that there might be a hundred such people, but found only 17, and these 17 include three students at Maynooth college (seminary), who probably were back in the county, or, at least in the Diocese of Killaloe a few years later.

Surnames in Irish - other counties.xlsx
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