Surname Cullow/Culloo mis-transcribed as "Cullon"

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Surname Cullow/Culloo mis-transcribed as "Cullon"

Post by Sduddy » Thu Aug 26, 2021 11:26 am

While searching for the surname Cullen in Co. Clare, I found that Cullow/Culloo has been mis-transcribed, on a few occasions, as Cullon:

2 Feb 1880, Tulla: Michael “Cullon”, who died in 1880, is Michael Cullow, widower, aged 101, Farmer; informant: Deborah Cullow, Tulla: ... 865957.pdf

22 Feb 1894, Tulla: Ellen “Cullon, ” who died in 1894, is Ellen Cullow, widow, aged 71: ... 698197.pdf

9 Dec 1894, Tulla: Johanna “Cullon”, who died in 1894, is Johanna Cullow, aged 80 years: ... 689951.pdf

7 Feb 1901, Tulla: Margaret “Cullon,” who died 1901, is Margaret Cullow, aged 18; informant: Matt Cullow, brother of deceased, Tulla: ... 618453.pdf

27 Jun 1946, County Home, Ennis: Bridget “Cullen” from Tulla, who died in 1946, is Bridget Culloo: ... 217700.pdf

Also, the surname Coen is sometimes transcribed as Coln.


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