Some Marriage Notices, 1861

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Some Marriage Notices, 1861

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Clare Journal, Thur 10 Jan 1861: Marriages. On the 15th of August last, at St. Michael’s Chapel, Limerick, by the Rev. James O’Brien, P.P., Mr. Thos. Carroll, late of Clare constabulary, to Anna, second daughter of Sergeant John Pratt, late of the 60th Rifles.

Clare Journal, Mon 28 Jan 1861: Marriages. Jan 24, at St. Peter’s Church, George Le Suddert, Esq., late Captain 12th Regt., eldest son of the late George Studdert, Esq., J.P., Clonderlaw, in this county, to Maria Jane, second daughter of the late Edward Lloyd, Esq., M.D., Limerick.

Clare Journal, Mon 4 Feb 1861: Marriages. On Wednesday, in Killadysert, Mr. J. McInerney, of Tullyglass, to Miss McInerney, third daughter of Mr. Cornelius McInerney, of Horse Island.

Clare Journal, Thur 7 Feb 1861: Marriages. In the Roman Catholic Chapel of this town, on Tuesday, by the Very Rev. Dean Kenny, Mr. John Doherty to Miss Teresa Carroll, daughter of the late Mr. D. Carroll, builder, of this town.

Clare Journal, Mon 11 Feb 1861: Marriages. On Tuesday last, at the Chapel of Quin, by the Rev. Patrick McMahon,P.P., of White Gates, county Galway, brother of the bride, Mr. Thomas Glynn, of Knockaderra, to Lissie, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas McMahon, of Spancilhill.
At Loughard, in this county, by the Rev. M. Gleeson, P.P. of Carron, Mr. James Davoren, of Glassa, to Anne, daughter of Mr. P. Hynes, of Noughavill.
At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, on the 7th February, John O’Donnell, Esq., Carhuduff House, Miltown Malbay, to Bessie, eldest daughter of T. G. Hill, Esq., Tarbert, co. Kerry.

Clare Journal, Thur 14 Feb 1861: Marriages. On Monday last, at the church of Crecora, by the Very Rev. R. Dore, Jas. Frost, Esq., of Feena House, county Clare, to Anastasia, daughter of Patrick Dundon, Esq., Prospect Hall.

Clare Journal, Mon 18 Feb 1861: Marriages. At Noughaville, by the Rev. Mr. Gleeson, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Brennan, of Kilfenora, Michael Davoren, Esq., of Clareen, to Margaret, second daughter of John Davoren, Esq., of Ballymurphy Cottage, Burren.

Clare Journal, Thur 21 Feb 1861: Marriages. On Tuesday Mr. Michael O’Gorman of Gort, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. Timothy Killeen, of Ballygegan, in this county.
On Tuesday, the 12th instant, at Doora, by the Rev. Daniel Corbett, P.P., assisted by the Rev. Jeremiah Vaughan, P.P., Thomas, second son of Mr. Patrick Corbett, of Derreen, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Ambrose Power, of Castlefergus.

Clare Journal, Mon 25 Feb 1861: Marriages. Dec. 10, at Melbourne, Mr. P. Curren, to Mary Jane, daughter of the late Wm. O’Dwyer, Esq., Kilrush, co. Clare.

Clare Journal, Thur 21 Mar 1861: Marriages. On the 14th instant, at Edinburgh, Thomas La Barr Kennedy, S.I.C., Kilrush, in this county, youngest son of the Dean of Clonfert, to Kate Mabella, youngest daughter of the Rev. J. Molesworth Staples, late Rector of Moville, co. Donegal, granddaughter of the Hon. and Most Rev. Nathaniel Alexander, formerly Bishop of Meath, and niece to Sir Thos. Staples, Bart., to the late Marchioness of Ormonde, and to the Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Ponsonby, late Bishop of Derry and Raphoe.

Clare Journal, Mon 25 Mar 1861: Marriages. On Tuesday, at Kilnasoolagh Church, in this county, by the Rev. R. W. Nisbett, Incumbent of the Parish, George, only son of the late Rev. George Spaight, and nephew of Thomas Spaight, Esq., of Corbally, and of the late Francis Spaight, Esq., J.P., of Derry Castle, to Mary Emily Elizabeth, second and only surviving daughter of the late Captain Creagh, R.N., J.P, of Cahirbane, and granddaughter of the late O’Moore, D.L., of Cloghane Castle, Banagher, King’s County. The bride was given away by her uncle, Colonel Giles Vandeleur Creagh.
On the 21st instant, at Tulla Church, by the Rev. P. Dwyer, George Gabbett Studdert, son of the late Joseph Gabbett Studdert, Esq., J.P., of Woodlawn, in this county, to Mary, third daughter of the late Francis Gore, Esq., J.P., of Tyredagh Castle. The happy pair left en route for London.

Clare Journal, Mon 29 Apr 1861: Marriages. This morning, in the Roman Catholic Church of this town, by the Rev. Andrew Newport, assisted by the Rev. James Macmahon, John St. Lawrence, Esq., War Office, Pall Mall, London, to Mary, eldest surviving daughter of the late James Raleigh, Esq., of Ennis.
At the South Parish Church, Cork, by the Very Rev. Dean Murphy, P.P., William Butler, jun., Esq., Bunnahow, in the county Clare, to Maggie Creagh, only child of Alex. Foley McNamara, of Cork, Esq., J.P.

Clare Journal, Thur 2 May 1861: Marriages. On Monday, the 29th instant, at Parteen Church, by the Very Rev. Dean of Kilfenora, assisted by the Rev. Richard Moore, rector, Robert E. Cruise, Esq., eldest son of Edward Cruise, Esq., Limerick, to Kate Jane, second daughter of William Phayer, Esq., J.P., Indiavilla, Corbally.
On the 29th inst., at Kilrush Church, by the Rev. T. J. Robins, rector, Alice second daughter of our much respected fellow-townsman, Irwin Patterson, Esq., to Tyrrel Devonport, Esq., of Billinacourty, county Limerick. The amiable and accomplished bride was accompanied by seven young and beautiful bridesmaids, elegantly and appropriately robed in dresses of the purest white, tastefully adorned, and the families of many of our local gentry, the O’Gormans, &c., &c., attended on the auspicious occasion. After the ceremony the happy pair set out for Dublin, where they will spend the honeymoon.
On Tuesday, the 30th ult., at Quin Churdh, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, Vicar, Thomas Hall Magee, of Lurgan, co. Armagh, Esq., to Annie M. Singleton, youngest daughter of Hugh Singleton, Esq., of Hazelwood, in this County.

Clare Journal, Mon 6 May 1861: Marriages. On Saturday, at St. Michael’s Church, Limerick, Thomas Bouchier, eldest son of John Bouchier, Esq., of Shannon View, county Clare, and grandson of the late Richard Townsend Herbert, Esq., of Cahirnane, Killarney, to Henrietta Octavo, daughter of the Rev. John Delmege, Rector of Youghalaria, and Maria Anne, granddaughter and co-heiress of the Right Hon. John, fifth Lord Carbery.

Clare Journal, Thur 9 May 1861: Marriages. On Wednesday, the 8th instant, at Ennis Church, by the Rev. Michael Fitzgerald, Vicar of Killadysert and cousin of the bride, Alexander Wilson Hutchinson Heard, S I., to Bessie youngest daughter of the late Rev. Peter Bolton, and granddaughter of the late Thos. Bourchier, Esq., Killiney Castle, county Dublin.
On the 6th inst., at Sixmile-bridge, by the Rev. M. Clune, P.P., Simon, son of James O’Donohue, Esq., Carnelly, to Sarah, daughter of Solomon Frost, Esq., Rossmanaher House, Co. Clare.

Clare Journal, Mon 20 May 1861: Marriages. May 11, in St. Minchun’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. James McMahon, P.P., John Hartigan, Esq., late of Ennis, to Kate, third daughter of Charles McDonnell, Esq., of Dominick-street.

Clare Journal, Thur 6 Jun 1861: Marriages. On the 4th inst., at Killadysert, by the Rev. Dean Kenny, assisted by the Rev. Messrs. Newport, McMahon, Meade and Read, Randal McFynnon McCarthy, Esq., I.R.O., Ennis, to Bessie, second daughter of Patrick Guinnane, Esq., of Ballinacragga.

Clare Journal, Mon 24 Jun 1861: Marriages. At Croom Church, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. H. Baily, assisted by the Rev. Edward O’Grady, uncles to the bride, R. M. Studdert, Esq., eldest son of Richard Studdert, Esq., J.P., Fort House, Co. Clare, to Rosalie Frances Frings, granddaughter of Rev. Edward Crehan, Rectory, co. Limerick.

Clare Journal, Mon 29 Jul 1861: Marriages. On Saturday, at St. John’s Chapel, by the Rev. John Quinlan, P.P., Miss Helena O’Gorman, daughter of the late Mr. J. O’Gorman, of Miltown Malbay, county Clare, to Mr. John McDonough, of Limerick.

Clare Journal, Thur 1 Aug 1861: Marriages. At Liscannor, on the 28th inst., by the Right Rev. Dr. Fallon, assisted by the Rev. John Kemmy, Administrator, brother of the bride, Mr. John B. Kennedy, Craughwell, co. Galway, to Julia second daughter of Mr. Martin Kemmy, Gort, Co. Galway.

Clare Journal, Thur 15 Aug 1861: Marriages. On this morning, in the Catholic Church of this town, by the Rev. James McMahon, Mr. Patrick Molony to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. Richard Molony, merchant, Mill-street.

Clare Journal, Mon 19 Aug 1861: Marriages. On Friday, at the Roman Catholic Church, of this Town, by the Rev. James Macmahon, Mr. John Glynne, to Ellen, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Hourigan, Jail-street.

Clare Journal, Thur 29 Aug 1861: Marriages. Aug. 29th, in Ennis Church, by the Rev. A. Tatton, John, second son of Henry Purdon, Esq., M.D., Belfast, to Bessie, youngest daughter of James Mahon, Esq., J.P., The Old Ground.
On Sunday last, the 25th inst., at the chapel of Ballida, by the Rev. James Vaughan, of Doonass, cousin to the bride, mr. John Hayes, of William-street, Limerick, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Kent, Ballymalone.

Clare Journal, Thur 5 Sep 1861: Marriages. Mr. James Liddy, to Miss Margaret Clancy, both of Ardsollus, county Clare.

Clare Journal, Thur 12 Sep 1861: Marriages. At Fedamore Church, county Limerick, on the 11th inst., Thomas Brodie, Esq., W.S., eldest son of John Clerk Brodie, Esq., W.S., Edinburth, to Charlotte Frederika, daughter of T. J. Furnell, Esq., of Heathmount, county Clare.

Clare Journal, Thur 19 Sep 1861: Marriages. On the 18th instant, at St. George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William Keane, A.M., Rector of Whitby, Yorkshire, brother of the bridegroom, Colonel Giles Keane, late of the 86th Royal county Down Regiment, son of the late Robert Keane, C.S., Beechpark, county Clare, Esq., to Mary, only daughter of Robert Ellis, Esq., of 91, Leeson-street, Dublin, and Wardhouse, county Leitrim.

Clare Journal, Mon 7 Oct 1861: Marriages. In the Catholic Church, Kilrush, by the Very Rev. Dr. Kelly, P.P., V.G., Kilrush, Michael Morrissy, Esq., merchant, Moore-street, to Bridget, third daughter of the late Barth. Glynn, of Kilrush.

Clare Journal, Mon 14 Oct 1861: Marriages. August the 16th, at Christ Chuch, Victoria, Vancouver’s Island, by the Rev. Edward Cridge, Augustus F., Pemberton, Esq., Chief Magistrate of Victoria, to Jane, third daughter of the late Tomkins Brew, Esq., Resident Magistrate, formerly of Riverston, County Clare, and sister of Chartres Brew, Esq., now of Westminster, British Columbia.
At the parish church of Kilmurry, county Clare, Mr. Wm. Thompson, Burrane, to Mary, daughter of the late George Colpoys, Esq., Shannon View, Knock, county Clare.

Clare Journal, Thur 17 Oct 1861: Marriages. October 10, at Kinvara, Mr. Francis McDonogh, of the Post Office, Ennistymon, to Lizzie, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Salmon, Kinvara.

Clare Journal, Thur 24 Oct 1861: Marriages. On the 22nd inst., at Clonlara Roman Catholic Church, Francis Rose, Esq., only son of the late William Rose, Esq., of Castle Connell, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. P. O’Connell, of Doonass, in the county of Clare.

Clare Journal, Thur 7 Nov 1861: Marriages. On Tuesday, the 5th instant, at the Roman Catholic Church, Kilrush, by the Very Rev. Dr. Kelly, uncle to the bride, Margaret Agnes, daughter of Matthew Kelly, Esq., National Bank, Kilrush, to Thomas O’Gorman, Esq., of Buncraggy, county Clare.
At Ennistymon, by the Rev. D. L. Whitty, Mr. Joseph G. Hurley, Artist, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Hickey, Summer-hill, Lisdoonvarna.

Clare Journal, Mon 11 Nov 1861: Marriages. On the 4th instant, at the Roman Catholic Church, Kilfenora, County Clare, by the Rev. Andrew Quin, P.P., assisted by the Rev. Mortimer Brennan, R.C.C., Patrick P. Foley, Esq., Kilrush, to Mary, eldest daughter of Michael Daly, Esq., Ballykeel House, same county, and niece to his Excellency Henry H. Breen, Governor of St. Lucia.

Clare Journal, Mon 18 Nov 1861: Marriages. On the 13th inst., at Castle Connell Church, Dawson Westropp, Esq., of Mellon, county Limerick, to Dorothea, daughter of Colonel Vandeleur, of Ballinacourty, late of the 10th Hussars, and grand-daughter of the late Right Hon. Ormsby and Lady Frances Vandeleur, Kilrush, county Clare.

Clare Journal, Mon 25 Nov 1861: Marriages. On the 21st instant, at St. Andrew’s Church, Westland Row, Dublin, John P. White, Esq., of Nantenau, county of Limerick, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late John McMahon, Esq., of Firgrove, in this county.

Clare Journal, Thur 28 Nov 1861: Marriages. On the 25th instant, at Kinvara Chapel, by the Rev. P. Arthur, P.P., assisted by the Rev. C. O’Carroll, Michael Butler, Esq., of Garlic Hill, to Emily A. T. Mahon, daughter of James Mahon, Esq., Northampton, in the county Galway.
On the 26th instant, at Kilshanny Catholic Church, by the Rev. M. Varily, P.P., Thomas Andrew Stritch, Esq., Toumullin, to Margaret Mary daughter of the late Patrick Shannon, Esq., of Derry, in this county.

Clare Journal, Thur 5 Dec 1861: Marriages. At the Roman Catholic Church, Cratloe, by the Rev. Michael Quinlivan, P.P., Gower Hall, brother of the bridegroom, and assisted by the Rev. Mr. Burke, P.P., Mr. Lawrence Quinlivan, son of Michael Quinlivan, Esq., Ballyroughan, county Clare, to Margaret, third daughter of Michael Hogan, Esq., of Meahill, in same county.

Clare Journal, Mon 9 Dec 1861: Marriages. On Saturday, by the Rev. Mr. Newell, Mr. Maurice Walsh, of Ennistymon, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Clancey, of Lahinch.

Clare Journal, Mon 16 Dec 1861: Marriages. On the 10th instant, at Kilfinane Church, by the Rev. George Wren, vicar, George James, eldest son of Mr. William Bradley, Kilkee, to Mary Anne, third daughter of Mr. John Hannan, Kilfinane.

Clare Journal, Mon 23 Dec 1861: Marriages. On the 17th instant, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. E. S. Abbott, assisted by the Rev. J. J. M Sorley [McSorley?], George, second surviving son of the late Cornelius O’Brien, of Birchfield, for many years M.P. for this county, to Ellie, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Butler, and grand-daughter of William Butler, of Bunnahow, Esq.


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