Mr Magrath's Classical School in Ennis

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Mr Magrath's Classical School in Ennis

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Clare Journal, Thur 6 Oct 1859:
Mr. Magrath’s Classical School. This Academy is becoming distinguished as a first class Seminary, as the following return will show; a return which must be highly gratifying to the talented principal, Mr. Magrath: At the late concursus for entrance into Maynooth College, held by that distinguished scholar, the Right Rev. Dr. Flannery, in Nenagh, there being 29 candidates for four vacancies, Mr. O’Gorman, from Mr. Magrath’s school, was one of the four elected. His Lordship extended his examination to science, when Mr. O’Gorman solved the several questions proposed in Euclid and Algebra.
A vacancy having occurred in Maynooth last February, his Lordship, after examining several candidates, selected Mr. Sullivan, from Mr. Magrath’s school. His Lordship examined in French on that occasion.
At Dromcondra College, Mr. Hasset, a pupil of Mr. Magrath’s passed for rhetoric. There being two vacancies in the Irish College in Paris last December, the pious and learned Right Rev. Dr. Fallon, after the examination of many competitors, selected Messrs. Considine and Jordan, from Mr. Magrath’s school.

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