The velocipede (bicycle) comes to Clare, 1869

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The velocipede (bicycle) comes to Clare, 1869

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A velocipede was one of the prizes at the Christian Brothers’ Bazaar, Oct 1869:

Clare Journal, Mon 25 Oct 1869:
Bazaar for the Completion of the Christian Brothers’ Monastery. This Bazaar, which was most successful, was brought to a close on Saturday evening. The principal Prizes were won by the following:
Side Car – Messrs Murphy & Co, Clonmel;
Velocipede – William Levy, Limerick;
Pony – Miss Quinlivan, Bunratty;
Sewing Machine – Miss Hartnett, Newcastle W[est];
Pole Screen – George Carson, Ennis;
Boat – Mrs O’Gorman, Kilrush;
Lawn Mower – M. Crotty, Bunratty;
Drawing-room Timepiece – Bridget McNamara, Newmarket;
Lady’s Gold Watch – Rev W Costigan, Clare;
Silver Watch – Mrs O’Gorman, Buncraggy;
Pic-nic Case – Rev L Browne, Kilrush;
Gold Ring – A Qualy, Herfordshire, England;
Patch-work Quilt – Miss Cally, Doora;
Salmon Rod – W O’Farrell, Treaty Terrace, Limerick;
Two Sheep – James Burke, Lifford;
Cushion – Charles E Norton, Ennis;
Dozen Sherry – Catherine Quinn, Leimineigh, Kilfenora;
Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland – Mala Fehan, Ennis;
First Christmas Eve – P O’Connor, Spancil Hill;
Dozen Champagne – Mrs Burke Brown, Castlepark;
Dressing Case – Mrs Kerin, Finvarra.
Clare Journal, 25 Oct 1869:
A pupil of the Christian Brothers’ Schools, Limerick, won the velocipede offered as a prize at the bazaar in this town on Saturday. A professional gentleman of Ennis, celebrated for proficiency in bicycle management, having taken a fancy to it, rode to Limerick yesterday upon one of his own, and purchased from the fortunate owner that which he had obtained.
Clare Journal, 21 Apr 1870: Advertisement:
Velocipedes!! Velocipedes!!!
Neatly Painted Bicycle, Best Steel Spring, Driving Wheel 34 to 40 inches. Price, £6 10s.
Best Velocipede Made, Wheels stained in natural colours, polished steel spring and carriage. Driving wheel 34 to 40 inches, Only £9 15s.
Youths’ Velocipedes, All Sizes, from £4.10s
Agents, George Carson & Co., Church Street, Ennis.
Clare Freeman, Sat 23 Sep 1876:
Bicycle race from Ennis to Limerick, is arranged to come off next week, between Mr. Thomas Griffiths, winner at the Limerick athletic sports, and competitor, Mr George W Browne, who was handicapped. The start is to be from Ennis Post Office.
Clare Freeman, Sat 28 Oct 1876:
The challenge bicycle race between Mr. T. H. Griffiths and Mr. G. W. Browne, came off on Thursday morning. The riders intended starting from Ennis Post Office, but on account of Jail-St. being torn up, they started from the hill at the top of Jail-St. The men got away from Ennis at 7.30, keeping at a rattling pace; through Clare Castle, 7.40; Newmarket, 8; Bunratty, 8.35; where, being on even terms, they dismounted, by mutual consent for refreshment. Resuming the [race] at 8.30 [??], they still kept together, and it was not until Lansdown Bridge was reached that Mr. Griffiths showed any signs of fatigue. Mr. Browne put on a spurt, leaving his opponent behind, and coming in at the toll-house the winner by about one mile, Mr. Griffiths having given up at Coleraine hill. Considering that there was a strong head wind the whole way, the time, 2 hours 1min., including the stoppage at Bunratty, is very creditable and taking into account his ride from Dublin to Limerick in one day, Mr Browne may now fairly claim the long distance championship of this district. Mr Griffiths rode a 56 inch, and Mr. Browne a 54 inch, both splendid Coventry machines, supplied by Mr C. Mackern. Limerick Chronicle.
Clare Freeman,Sat 23 Jun 1877:
We are glad to perceive by the report of the athletic sports which came off in Limerick on Thursday last that two Clare men gained prizes, the Bicycle race having been won by Mr John Curtin, of Ballyvaughan, and the two-mile walking race by Mr E. O. Milward, of this town, who was accorded much praise for his steady and precise pacing.
Clare Freeman, Wed 12 Sep 1877:
Owing to the unpropitious state of the weather on Monday some of the events of the Ballyvaughan athletic sports were postponed, including the second bicycle race, which will take place in a few weeks. The first bicycle race, for which four competed, distance 3 miles, was won by Mr Curtin. The race was run during a heavy shower, against a strong head wind. The walking race was won by Mr O’Loghlen, master of the workhouse. His pace very fair, and he to receive no caution.
A bicycle race became part of various athletic events throughout the county. At first the competitors were confined to those few who could afford a bicycle, but, within a couple of years, more and more people were buying bicycles and they were no longer such a novelty:
Clare Freeman, Wed 20 Jul 1881:
The Ennis Bicycle Club, which has been established only within the last few days, now comprises about twenty members. A meeting of the Club will be held on Friday the 22nd inst at the Town Hall at 5 o’clock p.m., to elect a committee and fix a day for bicycle races.

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