A Pleasant Marriage in Clare, 1868 (Tierney and Macnamara)

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A Pleasant Marriage in Clare, 1868 (Tierney and Macnamara)

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Clare Journal, Thur 6 Feb 1868:
"A Pleasant Marriage in Clare”. We have much pleasure in transferring to our columns, from the Galway Vindicator, the following interesting account of the festivities, incident to the marriage of Miss McNamara, of Tovahara: -
Tuesday last, the 28th inst., the marriage of Mr. Michael Tierney, of Castle Forster, in this county, with Bridget, eldest daughter of Mr. McNamara, of Tovahara, county Clare, was celebrated in the chapel of Tovahara, by the Rev. Mr. Power, P.P., Lisdoonvarna, assisted by the Rev. Messrs. O’Carroll and O’Flanagan. After the ceremony the happy couple proceeded to the residence of the bridegroom, accompanied by a numerous concourse of friends, amongst whom were the following: - Mr. and Mrs. Butler, Lisdoonvarna; Mr. and Mrs. Reedy, Lisdoonvarna; and Miss Power, Mrs. Keane, Lisdoonvarna, Mr. and Mrs. Culliny, and Miss Davoren, Kilfenora; Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien, Lickeen; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Devitt, Lickeen; Mr and Mrs. Byrt, Ballykeale; Mr. and Mrs. Byrt, jun., Ballykeale; Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Ballykeale; Mr. and Mrs. Slattery, Ballykeale; Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses O’Loughlin, Tovahara; Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Kilfenora; Mr. P. and Mrs. Byrt, Liscannor; Mr. P. McNamara and Miss McNamara, Tovahara; the Messrs. Slattery and Miss Slattery, Ballykeale; Mr. John and Mrs. Byrt, Ballykeale; Miss Power, Ballyvaughan; Mr. P. O’Loughlin, Tovahara; Mr. John and Mrs. Tierney, Lickeen; Mr. James and Mrs. Tierney, Lickeen; Mrs. P. Lynch and Miss Lynch, Tullaha; Rev. Mr. Geoghegan, P.P., Kinvara; Rev. Mr. Power, P.P., Lisdoonvarna; Rev. Mr. O’Carroll, P.P., Carron; Father O’Flanagan, Kilfenora; Father Staunton, Kinvara; C. Ffrench Blakeforster, Forster-street House, Galway; The O’Donnellan Blakeforster, Ballykeale Clourt, county Clare; F. Grealy, Esq., M.D., Galway; Captain Blakeforster, and several others.
The entertainment was as sumptuous as could be desired on an occasion of the kind. Dancing was kept up with great spirit during the night. The health of the bride being proposed.
Mr. Tierney, after returning thanks, proposed the health of his landlord C. Ffrench Blakeforster, which that young gentleman responded to in most appropriate terms.
Mr Byrt next came forward, and proposed the health of his landlord, The O’Donnellan Blakeforster, of Ballykeale Court, who, on coming forward, was received with prolonged cheers. He returned thanks in suitable language, and then proposed the health of the Rev. Mr. Geoghegan, P.P., who responded in an able speech, which he concluded by saying “He certainly hoped the example shown by Captain Blakeforster and his sons on this occasion, would be followed by other landlords throughout the country, and tend to make them identify themselves and mix more among their tenantry than they do at present.” (hear, hear).
The health of the ladies being proposed, Dr Grealy was unanimously called on to respond. The Doctor on rising was loudly cheered. In the course of his speech he said – He regretted exceedingly that some person better qualified was not called to respond to the interesting toast of “The Ladies’ Health.” However, as it was his profession, and he would also unhesitatingly add, his pleasure to attend to the ladies, they would remember that to speak to that toast imposed on him a double responsibility that of drinking to, as well as prescribing to them (laughter). He always appreciated the ladies, but would candidly confess never entertained matrimonial ideas until the present occasion. He would now advise all the young people to get married as soon as they possibly could, for he firmly believed until then, they could not become useful members of society (applause). In conclusion, he said he considered the ladies were perfect angels, and only required wings to make them objects fit for heaven; and he felt satisfied that if only noticed by one of them, he would imagine himself to be partaking of the sweets of paradise (great applause).
The doctor then resumed his seat amidst tremendous and prolonged applause.
The company, after enjoying themselves to their greatest satisfaction, broke up at daylight, and returned to their homes, leaving the bride and bridegroom to enjoy the pleasure of connubial felicity.
Civil record of the Marriage, on 28th January 1868, of Michael Tierney, Farmer, Castle Forster, son of James Tierney, Farmer, to Bridget Macnamara, Farmer’s daughter, Cahirclogane, daughter of Michael Macnamara, Farmer, in Touvahera chapel; witnesses: Pat Byrt, Bridget M. O’Brien: https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/ ... 212252.pdf

The townland of Cahercloggaun is in the parish of Kilmoon. At the time of Griffith’s valuation, 1856, Michael McNamara was leasing 99 acres from Cornelius Creagh, and a house valued at £2 5s. He was also sharing the lease of 69 acres of mountain land, with Bryan O’Loughlin and John Coyne, from Cornelius Creagh. I imagine he was a comfortably-off farmer.


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