Boycotting in Tipperary (1850) before the word was coined (1880)

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Boycotting in Tipperary (1850) before the word was coined (1880)

Post by Sduddy » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:22 pm

Clare Journal, Mon 3 Jun 1850, page 3:
At this meeting in Clonmel, (as we learn from the Vindicator) the Rev. Dr. Burke, after drawing a ridiculous comparison between King Pharoah and the Irish Landlords thought fit sneeringly to allude to this class as Biblical landlords; and after him we have the Rev. Mr. Heffernan, thus instructing his audience – certainly in anything but Biblical language – relative to their duties:- “If” observes Mr. Heffernan “any tenant be ejected by despotic means” (we should like to see the ejected tenant who would not say he was ejected by despotic means) – “let his farm remain a wilderness. Let the “grass grow at the doors, but let no man be rascal enough to take it (hear, hear). But if any fellow be craven enough to take the rack-rented farm, let him be placed from that forward under political excommunication (laughter) – let no father give him his daughter in marriage (roars of laughter). When he is met on the road let no man say “God save him.” When he dies, let his wake be unattended, and his funeral be followed by none of the neighbours (hear, hear and cheers).”
How fully these sentiments accord with the apostolic injunction, “Let brotherly love continue”! How happy the country that is blessed with such teachers!

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