An O'Grady Path into New Zealand History

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An O'Grady Path into New Zealand History

Post by s1nead » Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:14 pm

Is it possible to contact the authors of this family history from the Clare Library site - “An O'Grady Path into New Zealand History”?

They write -
“In the parish of Tulla, we have Thomas O'Grady of Cooga marrying into the prominent Mahony family centred around the estates of Kiltannon and Cragg, and taking over Newgrove Cottage as part of his marriage settlement. Wealth and children are to follow, of whom his dau Ann was to marry into the Burke family in 1812, and thus into the Browne circle a little later when her husband Thomas Burke took up the Browne crest to become the Burke-Browne family. “

The Burke-Brownes are related to me by marriage.

The above mentioned Thomas Burke Browne (married to Ann O’Grady) had a son, Edmund Burke-Browne - who was his heir.

In 1860, Edmund married Bessie Reilly, daughter of Patrick Edward Reilly - my great great grandfather.

My Burke-Browne cousins know nothing about our family history - they do not know the Browne family nor how they are related.

They have no idea how or why their name became hyphenated nor anything about Newgrove Cottage or their other home, Castlepark.

As family historian, I have been unsuccessful in learning this information and am hoping the authors have more history which they might share with me.

What little do I know can be found in this post from our family history blog: Cascading over the Falls - ... burke.html

Does anyone have any idea whom I might contact for their email addresses?

Does anyone reading this post know anything about the history of the Burke-Browne family of Newgrove Cottage?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Susan Reilly DeVore

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