1905 teachers census now online NAI

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1905 teachers census now online NAI

Post by smcarberry » Thu Aug 20, 2020 1:52 pm

Thanks to the alert given today by Claire Santry on her Irish Genealogy News blog, I have been having a merry time viewing Clare-born teachers in this census, which you can reach at https://tinyurl.com/y5jfnrqt My best find is John O'Connell born (and baptised) 1849, the son of Clonlea (Kilishen) farmer Edmond Connell who died in 1884, well short of the 1901 census where his son John appears as a Sixmilebridge widower with his two daughters. Without the teachers census providing John's places of education as Kilkishen & Belvoir, I would not have known to look for him. I am very much in search for the origin of my Connell line which ended up in Kilkishen, but for which there was significant activity in Sixmilebridge by my ancestor's apparent brother John Connell who married his wife Grace Bethel there. Another plus from this new finding is the fact that the teacher John O'Connell would have been taught by my family's Peter Carberry, who was the Kilkishen teacher of the early 1860s.

I checked out a few other surnames in the teachers census, such as Bethel, Bennis, Clune, Cunneen, Hehir, and Henchy. There are good findings for the last 4 of those names. In fact, of the 4 Clune teachers, most were from Kilkishen, quite an achievement since my notes show that Clune of that village was a shoemaker in the 1870s. Francis Cunneen of Kilkishen was already known as the teacher there, but his brother Patrick also went into teaching in another county, not previously known to me.

My brief review showed teachers with as much as 46 years in service and also as little as one month.

Have fun,
Sharon Carberry

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Re: 1905 teachers census now online NAI

Post by murf » Mon Aug 24, 2020 1:33 am

Thanks Sharon for drawing attention to this useful resource.
It should be noted that the filename NAI, PCO/10/1 Crehan-Croke is incorrect, describing only the first page, whereas the full range of the file encompasses Crehan-Darroch.
Also the file NAI, PCO/10/1 Moynihan-Moynihan seems to be an unsorted mixture of Mo and Mu names.
As an indication of numbers, a search for Clare teachers in the 1901 Census brings up a number of 514.

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