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John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:40 am
by Rnash
Hello. I am trying to trace records relating to John Nash and his ancestors.
Does anyone have any information or suggestions they could share?
Thanks, Richard Nash

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:03 am
by Sduddy
Hi Richard

I’m afraid I have nothing to contribute, other than what you probably have found already in the St. Senan parish baptism register (1827-1863) and marriage register (1829-1881). There is only one child of John Nash and Jane Quilty in the baptism register, and she was aged 20 when she was baptised:
23.07.1867: Baptism of Sarah Nash of John Nash and J. Quilty; sponsors: Patrick O’Kelly, Mrs. Ivers; Priest’s note: a convert, aged 20.

Sarah married the following day:
23.07.1867: Marriage of Sarah Nash, Moore Street, to Joseph Garry*, Henry Street, Kilrush; witnesses: Michael Egan, Mrs. Thomas Ivers; Priest’s note: a convert baptised previous day.
*The person who reported the death of John Nash in 1880 was this Joseph Garry.

It looks like Sarah Nash converted to Roman Catholicism in order to marry Joseph Garry, and that her parents, John and Jane, were of another religion. This may explain why they do not appear as parents in the register of baptisms, but there may be another explanation. Sarah was aged 20 in 1867, so born about 1847. Her marriage to Joseph Garry was registered in Kilrush, but the image of the record is not available on line: .

Given that John was born about 1815, I imagine that he married about 1835-1840, and that Sarah’s siblings were born in the 1840s. I think that if any of Sarah’s siblings remained in Kilrush they also converted to Roman Catholicism – at least the Nashes living in Kilrush in 1901 are all Roman Catholics.

I see several baptisms of children of Joseph Garry and Sarah Nash, but there are no Nashes among the sponsors – maybe Sarah’s family did not approve of her conversion, or, again, maybe there is another explanation.

Joseph and Sarah are in the 1901 census, living in Ballymaccurtain (Kilrush Urban); Joseph’s occupation: Civil Bill Officer. One of their sons is a Farmer, and two others are Harness makers. One of their daughters is a Monitress. There are also two apprentice Harness makers living in the house. They seem to be comfortably off.

The 1911 census shows Sarah only, a widow, aged 70. In this census Sarah gives her birthplace as Dublin – whereas in 1901 she gives it as Clare. Was Sarah really was born in Dublin? If so, her father may have been from Dublin, but, if so, he moved to Kilrush and remained there until his death in 1880. And did Sarah's siblings remain in Dublin, or did they also move? Richard, I assume that you are a descendant of a brother of Sarah. Have you found any record of that brother’s birth, or of his marriage?


Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:03 pm
by Rnash
Hi Sheila
Thank you so much for your reply. I had not come across the entries in the registers, so new and interesting information.

Sarah had siblings:
Jane Anne 1847-1919, Catherine 1852-1923, Ellen 1863-1867 (died Kilrush workhouse?), Susan 1855-1940,Harriet 1857-1895, George 1863-1927and William 1842-1918

I am descended from William. He married in Dublin in 1866 and had 8 children, one of whom, George Llewellyn Nash 1885-1928 is my Grandfaher, who emigrated to Canada, where he died. His family returned to Ireland.

Following John’s death in 1880, Jane Quilty (originally from Abbey Feale) left Ireland in 1885 for Australia. She lived in NSW until her death in 1904. I believe her daughters, apart from Sarah and Ellen, followed her to Australia.

I have seen some family notes that John Nash had a brother and sister who both died in 1832- the year of a great cholera epidemic?
George 1821-1832
Female 1830-1832

However, we have been unable to confirm this, or trace John Nash’s parents.

I appreciate folks taking time to read and investigate. Any information or leads gratefully received!

Kind regards
Richard Nash - Northumberland, England.

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:57 am
by Sduddy
Hi Richard

Thanks for that information, which is so helpful. I had been looking for the record of the death of Jane Nash (nee Quilty) and now I see why I could not find it. It’s amazing that Jane moved to Australia in her old age. How old was she when she died in 1904? (that’s not important – just interesting). Does her death certificate give her parents’ names?

I found Sarah’s brother, William Nash, in the 1901 census, living in Hollybank Road (Drumcondra, Dublin), aged 58, and see that he was from Kilrush, Co. Clare. So presumably Sarah was from Co. Clare also. Why did she say, in 1911, that she was from Dublin? Maybe the census enumerator asked her what county she came from in an ambiguous way? I was interested to see that William was Church of Ireland (Protestant). Also his occupation, Jewellery Case Maker, is a change from the usual.

Anyway, it’s clear now why there are no baptisms for the rest of John’s and Jane’s children in the Kilrush Catholic parish register: That register starts at 1825, so, even if John began life as a Catholic, his baptism would not be included. Nevertheless you may be interested in looking at the transcription of the baptisms: ... f=1&t=7005. You will notice that the earliest Nash baptism recorded was in 1829. Then there are no Nash baptisms until 1838. This leads me to think that the Nashes in Kilrush during that period were Protestant.

I’m afraid I don’t know how you will find out which family of Nashes in Kilrush John came from – that is if John did come from Kilrush. The name Nash was more common in Co. Limerick that in Co. Clare and, as there was a lot of commerce between Limerick and Kilrush (Kilrush was a busy port at that time), it’s quite possible that John moved from Co. Limerick to Kilrush. The fact that Jane Quilty was from Co. Limerick increases the chances that John was also from Co. Limerick.

The GenMap for Co. Clare: shows that there was only Nash in Kilrush Parish, considered liable for tithes, when the Tithe Applotment Books were drawn up for that parish (1826). He was a John Nash, but not your John Nash, who would have been too young at the time. The Tithes Applotment site shows John Nash, holding some land - maybe just a garden - in Kilrush, but there’s no streetname: http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarc ... _00537.pdf. Tithes did not distinguish between Protestant and Catholic, so all the Nashes liable for Tithes would have been listed, and it’s interesting to see that the name was quite rare in Kilrush at that time.

I took a very quick look through the marriage register for the Catholic parish of Abbeyfeale: The Catholic parish registers often show the marriage of a Catholic to a Protestant. Marriages almost always took place in the parish of the bride, so I thought there might be a slight chance that I would find Jane Quilty’s marriage to John Nash in the Abbeyfeale marriages. But I found nothing. As their first child was born abt. 1842, I skipped over the first 15 years (1825-1840) and started at 1840. Maybe I cut it too fine. If you decide to check it, don’t be put off by the Latin - the surnames are in English.


Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:06 pm
by Polycarp
The following news item, attributed to the "Clare Journal" of 17 September 1827, is given in Senan Scanlan's book "West and South Clare Newspaper Notes from c.1800 to 1950".

It may be of interest.


"We understand that legal proceedings are to be commenced forthwith against the Rev. Michael Cummins, P.P. of Kilrush, for conduct pursued by him towards a schoolmaster named John Nash, engaged by the Baptist Society for the instruction of the peasantry and their children, through the medium of the Irish language, in the west of this county. This man has resided in the western district for the last eight years, and has been a resident in the parish of Kifeara [Kilkee] for the last two years: all which time he remained unmolested, even during the lifetime of the Rev Mat. Corbett, and until this zealous young pastor was appointed to the parish of Kilrush, which includes the out-parish of Kifeara.

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:57 pm
by Rnash
Poly carp
Thanks for your post.
The John Nash I’m researching would have been 12 in 1827, so not him- but perhaps a relative. An unusual name in the area, so there could well be some links.

Jane was 86 when she died in Australia...
Other trees on cite her as marrying on 11 August 1841, with references to Church of Ireland. There are no documents to view and I have failed in general searches to locate anything .

Family notes state Jane’s parents were James Quilty and Catherine Parker, from Abbeyfeale.

Working from “bottom up” no one has traced ancestors before john Nash 1815-1880. However I spotted a relative has noted that this John Nash is believed to be descended from the Limerick/ Cork Nash line
(Looks like you were right, Sheila!) but no one can make the connection- as yet...

We have an incomplete “top down” family tree starting with Andrew Nash and Frances Pett in the 1600’s; Llewellyn Nash1690-1765 residing in Farrihy, Cork. He had 3 sons William 1710-1769; Andrew 1711-1767 and Llewellyn 1722-1793.

The name Llewellyn has featured down the line also:

John’s grandson, William Llewellyn Nash 1842-1918, his G grandson George Llewellyn Nash 1885-1928
gg grandson Desmond Llewellyn Nash, and myself, Richard Llewellyn Nash.

The Llewellyn link may be ancestoral, but it may be that there is no linkage at all; maybe a Welsh link along the way.

The journey continues!

Kind regards to all

Richard Nash

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:01 am
by kbarlow
The Church of Ireland is commencing a digitisation project of its B&M records, so you may be able to have more luck finding the records in the future. ... rs-to.html

cheers, Kerry

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:44 pm
by miriam scahill
Hello Richard and Sheila - and etc.
First of all I would like to thank Sheila for her great work in transcribing the Parish Register - my housework has often been put on hold when I open them !!
Richard - some of the names in your post ring a bell with me - it is very possible that Jane Quilty came from Co. Limerick - there is still a business of that name in Limerick - I would say the name was 'lost in translation' - no letter Q in Irish language - Coillte means woods - sounds like queelta - and as Sheila says there was a good river trade between Kilrush and Limerick - Foynes port too.
Parker - there is a Parker vault/tomb in Churchyard ( C of I) in Kilrush - George Parker died in 1859 - aged 82 - and his mother in 1808 The only Parker name on Civil Records is 'Lizzie Parker - married in Kilrush in 1870 - and I wonder did Lizzie have a brother who went to America ?? - as Census of 1901 for Burton St., Kilrush Urban has Miss Kate Parker - aged 20 - born in N.Y. and her mother - Sarah - census says she was born in Ballykett - just outside Kilrush - Census of 1911 says she was born in U.S. !! see
Growing up in Kilrush (many moons ago !) I knew Miss Parker - I think she died in mid 1960's or so. - but her name was not added to above tomb it must ave been her family - as she is not recorded in the cemetery - there is a facebook page - The Restoration and Preservation of the Churchyard, Kilrush - great work done by the local History Society.
According to death cert. for John Nash in 1880 - Stewart St., Kilrush - Shoemaker - aged 65 - so born in 1815. I looked at Bassetts Directory for 1875-76 -Garrett Nash - Boot and Shoe maker, Moore St. - Sheila will tell you about baptisms of his children - ironically there was a post on Facebook page of County Clare Genealogy from one of his descendants - maybe 2 or 3 yrs. ago - you could to a search on the page - so maybe John and Garrett were brothers.
Garry family - I was looking for a relative on the parish records for Milltown - about 17 miles north of Kilrush - and I saw ' Michael Garry son of Joseph Garry and Sarah Naish (sic) - Sept. 1870.
Joseph and Sarah moved to Kilrush - Ballymacurtin - about a mile from Kilrush - see Census of 1901 - spelling for Ballymacurtin is wrong on Census of 1911 - as Sheila says in her post there were apprentice harness makers staying with them - Brandons. - and by 1911 Michael Garry had married Ellen Brandon - living next to his mother - Sarah.
I think it was in 1913 Michael and Ellen had a daughter - Sarah - known as Sadie - and she was a friend of my mother's - I met her often - as she called to see my mother - R.I.P. to both. - I also think that Sadie had a brother - but I haven't checked it. - Sadie married George - and had no family - - sadly her house was attacked - I think in late 1990's - and she died a few years after that.
I am looking forward to the Church of Ireland records going on line.
I hope this info is of help - - you will have to pay a visit to Kilrush - and the History Society will welcome you.

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:09 am
by pwaldron
The children of John and Jane Nash are in the Kilrush Church of Ireland registers (William 1842, Sarah 1844, Jane 1847, Catherine 1852, Harriet, Ellen and Susan all in 1858 and George in 1863). Until recently, they were held at St. Columba's Church in Ennis, but they may now have gone to the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin. At least the 1842 and 1863 records confirm that John was a shoemaker.

There was indeed a discussion of this family at ... 294288029/
but apparently there is nothing permanent about a Facebook permalink, and of course the Wayback Machine cannot join Facebook groups.

Re: John Nash 1815-1880 and Jane Quilty- Kilrush

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:56 am
by pwaldron
There is now a live discussion of this family at ... 336378976/