Knocknakilla Cillin, Ballyea South near Ennistymon

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Knocknakilla Cillin, Ballyea South near Ennistymon

Post by s1nead » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:05 pm

It seems like the website of the Clare Archeological Society might be offline right now but I have a question about this picture from one of their outings in 2014.

They called this site/graveyard: "Knocknakilla Cillin"

As you can see from the second photo, this is the crypt of my great great grandmother.

I have been trying to learn more about this small graveyard .....especially if there are any records for the crypt and who owns the property now.

Does anyone have suggestions about whom to contact for more information?

When we were there last month, we talked to a neighbor who told us that, when Ireland joined the EU, "money was thrown at them" to improve and renovate any sites which would attract tourism.

This site was among the chosen to be cleared and cleaned.

Prior to then, the entire graveyard had been buried beneath very thick briars, brambles, bushes, etc.

This was obvious when we compared the area around the perimeter of the site - so thick, it was impossible to see what was in there.

In the United States, it is impossible to touch any property without the owner's consent and permission.

If that is the same situation in Ireland, any idea how "they" were able to find Contact information for the current owners?

Also - as I was researching this morning, I learned that, along with "limbo babies", suicides were also buried in Cillin........ This might resonate with my great great grandmother - I've read that she might have been insane...... Could she possibly have killed herself?

Thanks for reading!
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