kilrush pottery, celtic ceramics, connemara, limerick, ennis

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kilrush pottery, celtic ceramics, connemara, limerick, ennis

Post by mgallery » Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:32 pm

I have got interested in the pottery produced in Kilrush from the 60s to the 80s. there were two phases the first where they produced arty vases and the second was more tableware, some of the earlier 60s/seventies would be quite fashionable again now. When I was growing up nearly every house had some. I have put together this pinterest board of the different pieces and styles.

If anyone has pictures of a style I am missing or a range could you please send on. Please correct this if it is wrong - refer to board for pix
From the tableware I have going from earlier to later in years
Celtic connemara (range in two shades of brown, cobalt blue, olive green, white and pale blue/gray) 60s - 70s, the commonest colours seem to be peat brown and green
celtic atlantis many colours including turqouise, cream, beige lime green, red
celtic ennis striped blue and cream or brown on brown
kerry ironstone striped cream and brown
celtic limerick patterned on blue
celtic ceramics green cherry design - I dont know the name of the range

I am not collecting the ceramics but a Kilrush native is. I am happy to put you in touch if you have oddments at home, At some point the collector will probably get an exhibit put on, Anything you have would be gratefully received.

I would like to put a sheet together with pictures of the different styles.


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