Thomas Frawley, Mary Markham, Ennis, Kilmaley, Clare

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Geoff Bates
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Thomas Frawley, Mary Markham, Ennis, Kilmaley, Clare

Post by Geoff Bates » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:12 pm

Hi my name is Geoff, I'm new to the forum. I'm trying to find any information about my great-great grandparents Thomas and Mary Frawley (nee Markham). Attached is Mary's death certificate. She was born in about 1825 and died 1901 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. She came to Australia from Clare Ireland in 1882 with her daughter Annie and son Patrick. She had other children: James, John, Michael, Mary, Thomas, Bridget. Most of them with exception of perhaps Michael came to Australia at varying times prior. They all lived in the Toowoomba area. The husband Thomas Frawley did not come to Australia and it is believed, only by family stories, that he died some time prior to 1882, possibly in a prison in Ireland. One "story" mentions he died in Liverpool gaol. The attached record indicates that Mary Frawley (nee Markham) was from Kilmaley. Other newspaper articles support this. Some of the death records of the children indicate a birth place of Ennis.

What I'm trying to find out mainly is where and when Thomas and Mary were married, where and when they were both born, where and when, and how Thomas died in Ireland. If I could find out where he is buried would be a bonus. They were roman catholics.

Regards Geoff
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Re: Thomas Frawley, Mary Markham, Ennis, Kilmaley, Clare

Post by Jimbo » Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:46 pm

Hi Geoff,

Here is the birth / baptism reference on Family Search for Patrick Frawley. He was born in Clare on 3 February 1866, parents Thomas Frawley and Mary Markham:

Your post mentions that Kilmaley was listed as a birthplace on one Australian record. Would be worth having a look at the parish records from Kilmaley that have been put on-line this month by the National Library of Ireland. Lucky for you that the baptism records start as early as September 1828, but unfortunately no marriage records are listed.

Regarding the family story about Thomas Frawley being in prison, the Family Search website includes Irish Prison Records from 1790 to 1924 in their search engine. If you find a match I think it will link you to a paying website for the document which is free at Family History Centers run by the Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church).

Good luck with your search

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Re: Thomas Frawley, Mary Markham, Ennis, Kilmaley, Clare

Post by johnmayer » Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:58 pm

The Frawley's you are looking for are from the townland of Kyleatunna in the parish of Kilmaley. The baptism of Thomas Frawley occurred on April 13, 1862. The sponsors were Martin Reidy of Fortville and Mary Kenna of Kyleatunna

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