Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 1836

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Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 1836

Post by kerrynkeys » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:04 am

Thanks for adding me to the forum. I have a few branches from my family tree that are from Ireland. I am after any information about the parents and birth of Mary Vandeleur born Sixmilebridge abt 1836. Her parents were noted on her marriage registration as James Vandeleur and Margaret McNamara. Mary migrated to Australia and married a Scottish man Robert Anderson in Victoria Australia in 1859. For your records Mary and Robert had 6 children and 4 lived on to marry and settle in Victoria
Thanks Kerryn - Queensland Australia :lol:

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Re: Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 183

Post by mgallery » Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:30 pm

Maybe start with the book by Senan Scanlon on Clare library website ... /intro.htm

After that the Vandeleurs are most likely in Burkes peerage or Burkes irish gentry

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Re: Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 183

Post by miriam scahill » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:57 pm

Hi Kerryn = sorry for delay - I did a bit of research for you - first - I hope you enjoyed reading Senan Scanlan's book on the Vandeleurs of Kilrush - also there are lots of photos - Vandeleur Collection on - foto web. - As you know the Vandeleurs were of Dutch origin and settled in the Sixmilebridge area - and then moved to West Clare - Kilrush - John Ormsby Vandeleur - - his son was Col. Crofton Moore Vandeleur - M.P. for Clare up to mid 1800's. - Landlord of thousands of acres in the area. Clare Library has info on Col. Vandeleur having land in Sixmilebridge area in the 1850's.- Griffith Valuations. - Sixmilebridge is in Parish of Kilfinaghta - again lots of info on Clare Library site - - Genealogy page - Research Support and then Civil Parish Index - KILFINAGHTA - I looked at Graveyard Inscriptions for Church of Ireland - Vandeleur tomb - also memorial on the church wall. - Just today the Baptism Records have been put on line by the National Library - see Facebook page for details - - I think !! Baptisms for Kilfinaghta start in mid 1820's - so you should find Mary's Bapt. Record there - - or was she a member of Church of Ireland.?? Let us know how you get on. Miriam.

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Re: Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 183

Post by kerrynkeys » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:47 am

thanks so much Miriam.

It has been mid year break for my grandkids so they have been staying with me for the last few weeks so haven't had much time to do any research. Hopefully after next Saturday I can get back to it properly. I have been trolling through the new archive info on Ireland nat library but so far haven't found any Vandeleurs. I was told by someone else the Vandeleur name is pretty much mud in Ireland but as I said you can pick your friends but not your family so I am stuck with it. Thanks for the suggestions I will keep trolling through the library site and let you know how I finish up


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Re: Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 183

Post by Paddy Casey » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:18 am

Here's a fragment of possible interest to you at ... by-evelyn/ (bin it if irrelevant).


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Re: Searching for info on Mary Vandeleur, Sixmilebridge, 183

Post by M. McNamara » Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:58 pm

Hello Kerryn
I'm from Sixmilebridge and am reasonably familiar with the Vandeleur family in this part of Co. Clare. In contrast with the Kilrush Vandeleurs, the Sixmilebridge/Newmarket-on-Fergus branch of the family are well regarded. I am unable to answer your specific query but would like to offer some information that may be relevant.
The Vandeleurs were a Protestant family and some members were quite evangelical in their beliefs in the 19th c, so a marriage with a Catholic, as I assume Margaret was, was unusual. The Vandeleurs worshipped in the Sixmilebridge Church of Ireland church, officially known as Kilfinaghta Parish Church. I do not have access to their registers.
The Catholic Birth & Marriage registers are now part available online thanks to the National Library. Assuming that Margaret was Catholic and wanted here children registered as Catholics and assuming that children were born soon after the 1836 marriage, I looked up the birth registers. On the first page, ... 5/mode/1up, on the 2nd Feb 1840, is the following partly indistinct entry in Latin, Honora Vandeleur filia Thomas et Honora[?] McInerherny, sponsores Johannes Butler et Catherine[?] McInerherny . This entry records the birth of Honora Vandeleur to Thomas V. and Honora[?[ McInerney [modern spelling]. This couple isn't what you are looking for but I mention them as it is unusual to see another Vandeleur married to a Catholic at the same time as your James & Margaret. I scrolled down through the register until the end of 1843, looking for another Vandeleur entry. I found one on 5th Jan 1841 that recorded the birth of William, son of John [latin Johannes] Butler and Brigid McInerney and witnessed by [?] Butler & Bridget Vandeleur. It looks as if these 3 families were closely connected by marriage at least.

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