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Post by Driscoll » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:06 am


I am a descendant of Thomas Driscoll that came from County Clare. I know that he was born in the 1830's that he had a brother James and another brother or cousin Michael. There was also a John Driscoll and a Patrick Driscoll. His father was likely John Driscoll and the mother was Emma Connors.Thomas Driscoll went to Rutland Vermont and then to Montreal Quebec. He was married to Eliza Carey(sometimes spelt Cairey). I have been trying to find a record of his birth and marriage. I know the family history once in Montreal in the late 1850's but little before that time. Is there anyone out there that is related or has advice.



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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:07 pm

Hi, Richard,

We are not related but my people have been in the same place as your people at the same time, in Montreal. I have a few more Driscoll women in your family, from my notes taken at the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I went to view the filmed 1861 census of Montreal (not fully online). First, I'll show the Driscoll men of the 1850s into early 1860s:

Lovell's directories for Montreal 1842 - 1977
1854 Patrick, carter, John cabman
1855-56 John grocer St. Antoine st.
1857-58 Patrick on Colburne; Driscoll widow [of John, likely nee Dowling] grocer on St. Antoine
1858-59 Patrick on Colburne, Mrs. D widow grocery & tavern on St. Antoine.
Thomas storeman St. Felix st.
1859-60 Patrick carter on Colburne, Thomas storeman off Mountain st.
1860-61 Patrick carter on Kemp; Patrick laborer Point St. Charles (district);
Thomas storeman off Mountain
1861-62 Patrick carter on Ann, Patrick laborer Point St. Charles
Thomas storeman on Dalhousie

Note: all ages in the 1861 census are shown to be the age attained on the next birthday

1861 Quebec Province census on Familysearch.org
Montreal, St. Anne Ward LDS film 517319
Driscol religion: RC p. 230, lines 1 to 5 [in 1870 Michigan census, family not shown in 1880 census]
Patrick 28 Ire
Ann 24 Ire [later Nancy]
Calise 4 Canada (sic, Catherine)
Mich. 3 Canada
Hanh 1 Canada (sic, Hannah, later Ann)

1861 Montreal, St. Ann's Ward 3, folios 1028-4178
p. 1782, enumerated 14 Jan 1861, no street address shown
Thos. Carberry 35 b. Ireland, laborer, single
in the household of
Thos. 30 Ire storeman
Elisa 28 Ire
Mary A. 4 b. Montreal
James 2 [actually already deceased]
Michl. 1
Bridget 25 Ire
McCooper, Denny 3 b. Montreal [presumably an orphan]

Thomas Carberry is my great grandfather Patrick Carberry's uncle (unconfirmed in documents). Patrick was born in Montreal in 1855, but his father and mother had no known connection to St. Ann's Ward (also known as Griffintown). Patrick senior died in January, 1855, and his widow (nee Donnellan) eventually left with her children to Philadelphia where she is first shown in city directories in 1868. Thomas's brother Peter left Clare for Illinois in 1864, and Thomas joined him there, with their first US record being the 1870 census showing them in the same household. Thomas never married and apparently spent his later years with his married sisters elsewhere in Illinois; his death date and place have not been found. My Philadelphia family's oral history only kept Montreal as their place of initial residence, with no details of any kind other than the death of Patrick (senior) occurring while trying to stop a runaway horse.

My quick online research after reading your posting --

Driscoll deaths (Montreal), online at Familysearch.org:
Jul 1860 James, 18 mos
Feb 1861: Michael, 3 mos
May 1864 Hanora, 28 mos

1881, St. Ann's Ward: Driscoll Thomas 50, Elizabeth 50, Mary Ann 24, John 17, Elizabeth 15, Hanah 12, Catherine 6

1891, St. Ann's: Thomas and Elizabeth

Boston MA:
Driscoll deaths
1904: Michael age 54 b. Montreal, Fa: John Driscoll Mo: Catherine Dowling
1915: Catherine 71 b. Ire, same parents, burial Calvary Cemetery, Woburn

Back to my Montreal notes --
Basilique Notre Dame marriage 4 Nov 1873
Phillip Stafford, son of John Stafford and Bridget Dunn of Wexford County, Ireland, to Johanna Foley, of deceased James Foley, laborer, and deceased Catherine Driscoll. Present: Denis Foley, Catherine Dunn, Thomas Barrett. Montreal, St. Ann.

1881 St. Anne Ward, Montreal
Phillippe 30 Ire RC journalier [day laborer]
Johanna 30 Ire
Johnny 7 b. Quebec province
Bridget 6 "
Mary 1 "

I hope that helps. For the marriage of Thomas and Eliza, the best prospects are Montreal and their last Vermont residence. I am not following any Carey individuals, but I did see several women of Eliza's age and name in the Boston area in the 1850 census, so you may want to look in that area for a marriage and the ship arrival records.

Where did most of your Driscolls end up ? Was Eliza still living in 1901 and at home with son John Pat Driscoll in Montreal ?

Sharon Carberry

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Re: Driscoll

Post by Driscoll » Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:55 am

Hello Ms. Carberry,

I am absolutely dumbfounded!

Tonight I will post this response but a more detailed one will follow probably after next weekend in which I will answer your questions and explain more about my Driscoll ancestors.
My great great grandparents were Thomas Driscoll and Eliza Carey. They are buried in Notre dame des Neiges Cemetery in Montreal and the plot is still in the family. I am very familiar with the plot and there is a long history and many stories associated with it mostly sad as I think of relatives that I knew and loved; my grandparents are buried in the plot. The plot is were an inscription referring to County Clare is the origin of my long search regarding Thomas Driscoll.

Before I digress do you know why Thomas Carberry was living with my ancestors and where in County Clare he came from? The answers to these questions might finally help me to nail down where in County Clare my ancestors came from as the connection between to our families might go back to County Clare.
My Mom who is deceased two years now vaguely remembered a connection to Vermont and thanks to another stranger I was given a copy of the baptismal record of Thomas Driscoll and Eliza Carey's daughter who was born in 1857; in that record it mentions that Thomas Driscoll was from West Rutland Vermont and so another lead came my way which I am actively working on.

Thank you ever so much as I have a connection to someone who had a relative living with my ancestors over 150 years ago! You are an answer to my prayers! You have no way of knowing how much your posting has meant to me. I wish my Mom was still around and I have her to thank for so many of the stories she told me. Her father took her often to the plot I mentioned as a child and young lady; when he passed away suddenly in his 50's from illness it was many many years before my Mom could bear to go back to the cemetery as she loved her Dad so much.


Richard C. Lee

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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:49 pm


Just call me Sharon. We will be communicating more about your family. At first I regarded Thomas Carberry's presence in the Driscoll home as random, because Driscoll is not a common East Clare surname nor one that I have associated with my family's history there. Far more Driscolls are in West Clare. Carey is even more scarce in East Clare, which actually makes research easier. A more numerous surname there is Corry, which could have been a later version of Carey if that surname was spelled in early times as Corey.

The more I looked at the records, the more I found some reason to think your family may well have been from "mid" East Clare as well. I will keep reviewing my notes, as I have to find the Vermont ones showing the person I believe to be the same Bridget Slattery who also earlier appeared in my family's church record in Montreal. That's what started my researching Vermont, although none of my direct lines were ever there. I have also been looking at Foley immigrants in Montreal, because my great-grandfather's 1855 baptismal sponsors include "Johannah Fully" which I think is a Foley, although in a generation earlier than Catherine Driscoll Foley's daughter Johanna.

In the meantime, I show below some East Clare records. I have quickly reviewed RC records for Broadford, without seeing anything resembling Driscoll or Carey. Tulla RC records go back to the 1820s, earliest in the area, but not fully transcribed due to sheer volume. The O'Callaghan Mills RC parish covered all of my family's townlands, around Kilkishen, with associated families from other nearby RC parishes appearing in some records. The civil parish is called Clonlea, which also happens to be a townland on which the village of Kilkishen is located. One observation on geopolitical designations of that time period: government jurisdictions did not necessarily correspond well with what residents used as their version of their residence names. So, a placename can appear as connected with a variety of names of larger areas, either civil or ecclesiastical in nature.

I will next post a map section showing the mentioned East Clare townlands, plus records placing Patrick Carberry there before and after emigration.


List of tenants and freeholders 1821
Dremine, Tulla
James, tenant; freeholder John, landlord Hugh Massy
John, tenant; freeholder John, landlord Hugh Massy
John, tenant; freeholder James, landlord James Going
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... ife_d2.htm

Tenant evictions, Kilseily (variously listed as part of Tulla or Broadford or Killuran)
1828, off the townland Woodfield by landlord Margaret O'Brien:
James Driscoll
John Mannix
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... lseily.htm

1851 census, reviewed for Old-Age Pension application:
Carey reported as living on Cloonagro townland, Feakle (not confirmed)
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... den_af.htm

1855 Griffith's Valuation - shows occupants of property
Drimmeen townland, Killuran parish:
James Driscoll
Rev. James Going
Drimmeennagun townland, Killuran parish:
Hugh Massy
Elmhill townland, Killuran parish:
James Driscoll
Thomas Mannix
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... m#drimmeen

1855 Griffith's Valuation, Woodfield townland, Kilseily parish
Clifford and Duggan families:

also appear in Philadelphia, closely associated with my Donnellans there, late 1800s
Tracy family: surname of Catherine Carberry's husband, in Montreal and Illinois records
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... #woodfield

Thomas Mannis (Mannix)b. 1821 Kilkishen (East Clare): naturalization (no year), Rutland VT
http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/mumford/na ... ions3.html
Note: may have re-settled in Illinois

John Driscoll b. 1831 Clare, 20 Mar 1856 naturalization, Rutland VT
http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/mumford/na ... ions1.html
(This means that this Driscoll had been in the U.S. for 5 years prior to that date.)

RC Parish of O'Callaghan Mills, East Clare
22 Mar 1835 marriage of Matthew Tuohy, Catherine Liddy, Killuran
witnesses: Thomas Driscolle, Killuran; James Kelliher, Killuran
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... _certs.htm
Baptisms - no townland listed
June, 1843 Daniel, son of James Driscoll and Judy Molony [my review of this record: June 5th, townland not legible]
sponsors: Patrick Carberry, Mary Magrath
20 Jan 1846 Kate, daughter of James Driscoll and Judy Maloney
sponsor: Dan Hallison
Note: corrected text, after my review of the filmed record:
Cate, daughter of James Driscoll and ___ Molony
sponsors: Dan Halloran, Cate Hly [sic]
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... m_name.htm

Additional record, from my review of O'Callaghan Mills RC baptisms:
Jan 1843 Jno ? son of John Driscoll and Ellen Ryan, townland not clear: Iragh or Trogh [Trough]
sponsors: Patt Carby, Mary Flynn

Note: These are the only baptisms in which Patrick Carberry is listed as a sponsor.
There are a few baptisms in this parish with a Driscoll shown as sponsor, most with a townland noted for the child's family.

Lower Feakle RC baptisms, marriages 1860-81
7 records with Carey, 17 with Driscoll
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... ptions.htm

1901 census, Drimmeen, Killuran DED
eldest Driscoll: Denis age 74
three Driscolls named James
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... n139_8.htm

Biographical notices
Driscoll Jim, Scariff - Drimeen, Broadford 01 Feb 1985 [likely a death]
http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... piond3.htm

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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:57 pm

Here are the promised Clare and Montreal records involving my Carberry line, plus a section of the Discovery series map for East Clare showing places for Carberr (Lakyle townland) and the Driscoll ones previously posted. Note how very close Woodfield and Lakyle are, just an easy walk down the road. It seems that Patrick got around the county quite readily, judging from the news report of his 1847 attempt to emigrate. Fortunate for my Catherine Donnellan that he was still around to marry her in Jan 1850 after her family's eviction from their Kilkishen home in Dec 1849. Their first two children are shown in later records as being born in Ireland, although no baptisms have been found as yet. The earliest they could have emigrated was 1853, after the daughter Catherine's birth.

Based on the 1816 baptism of Margaret Carberry, Patrick (b.c. 1817) who died 1855 in Canada was likely the son of Patrick Carberry and Mary Molony. There is a Peg Carberry who appears later as a sponsor for a sister's child in the Parish of O'Callaghan Mills. I won't show those other records here because it is not needed at this time. Sisters Bridget (married Matthew Hehir) and Elizabeth (married Patrick Meehan) went to Illinois and were joined by their cousin Mrs. Patrick Tracy and her family down from Montreal as well as Thomas Carberry, plus brother Peter Carberry when he arrived direct from Clare. My end of the Carberry family went to Philadelphia probably because the widow's Donnellan cousins were already there.

Christening: 19 Nov 1816 Crahaher [sic, likely Cranagher], Clare, Ireland
Father: Pat'k. CARBERRY Mother: Mary MOLONY
LDS fiche 6142811

Parish of O'Callaghan Mills
28 Feb 1839 Johanna of John Roche and Mary Tynan, Cappalaheen
sp: Patrick Carberry, Margaret Maloney
27 Dec 1839 baptism Margaret,
dau. of Michael FITZGERALD & Margaret HALLORAN, of Cappalaheen
sponsors: Pat. CARBERRY, Mary B___N_TY

Stirling Observer, Stirlingshire, Scotland Thu 27 May 1847, p. 2 IRISH NEWS
“Patrick Carbery, Thomas Lee, and Patrick Crotty, from the neighbourhood of Killaloe, summoned Mr Michael Brandon, clerk to Mr John Gleeson, ship-broker, under the provisions of the Emigrant Act, to recover their passage money..."

10 Jan 1850 marriage, Parish of O'Callaghan Mills
Patrick Carberry, Lakyle
Catherine Donnelon, Lakyle
witnesses: John Roche, Cappalaheen; Bridget Donnelon, Lakyle

Drouin Collection: Basilique Notre Dame
Marriage 14 Nov 1854, after publication of bans three times
Patrick Tracy, journalier, of-age son of deceased Thomas Tracy & deceased Mary Hinchy, of Co. Clare
Catherine Carberry, of-age daughter of Peter Carberry, journalier, & Catherine Tynan, of Co. Clare, Ire
witnesses: Jean Baptiste _racere [signed JB Saneer?], John Bermingham

St. Joachim, Pointe Claire (now a Montreal suburb)- indicates Pat's birth as abt. 1817
Patrick Carbray burial 4 Jan 1855, died yesterday
age about 38, daily worker [day laborer], of the parish of Clenlear, County Clare, Ireland
husband of Catharine Danlon; interred in the churchyard
witnesses: Damase Lepage, Treffle Lepage [Pte. Claire residents]

22 Jul 1855 baptism, Sts. Anges de Lachine, Montreal
Patrick Carbry b. 17 Jul bapt. 22 Jul
parents: Patrick Carbrey, deceased, & Catherine Donnellan
sponsors: Patrick Tracey, Johanna Fully

Sts. Anges de Lachine
1 Nov 1855
Mary Ann Tracy b. 28 Oct
parents: Patrick Tracy & Catherine Carbry [not the widow of Patrick Carberry]
sponsors: Thomas Carbry, Bridget Slattery
Catherine Carbery age 7 d. 28 May, burial in parish cemetery
parents: Patrick Carbery, deceased, & Catherine Dunlon
witnesses: J. Bte Cosignon, N. Danlon

Drouin Collection: Basilique Notre Dame
19 April 1860 entry of death the prior evening
Catherine Tracy age 3 years
daughter of Patrick Tracy, journalier, and of Catherine Carberry “of this parish”
East Clare for Driscoll.pdf
(996.78 KiB) Downloaded 779 times
Pat C's lost emig funds, 1847.jpg
Pat C's lost emig funds, 1847.jpg (45.24 KiB) Viewed 49034 times

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Re: Driscoll

Post by Driscoll » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:53 am

Hello Sharon,

Once again I am amazed by the wealth of information.

It seems that you have dramatically narrowed down if not determined the location of where in County Clare my Driscoll ancestors came from. I have been searching for over 25 years!!

I have pulled out some of the information I have:

Bridget Driscoll married William McCrollin on Jan 18 1858 ( I will have to check to find the name of the parish); in any case it mentions that her father was James Driscoll and deceased Emma Connors of County Clare Ireland. I have connected another ancestor James Driscoll with the same parents and I have long felt that he was a brother to my ancestor Thomas Driscoll and so a brother Bridget. There are two James Drisoll's two John Driscoll at least one Michael Driscoll and a Patrick Driscoll amongst several others.

There are at least more than two other Driscoll plots in Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery; one plot has burials in it before the cemetery was officially opened.

The surnames Carroll, Dowling and Slattery are intertwined with Driscoll. I seem to remember my mother mentioning the surname Foley but will have to check into this.
The sense I get from finding many marriage, birth and death records is how close these ancestors were to each other.

There some interesting stories that I will relate tonight.

One is that it seems that my great great grandfather Thomas Driscoll did well for himself as a storeman as my grandmother told me that her mother had a very good education and could play the piano.
There was another story that my great grandmother could never seem to be able to carry a male child to term or they died very soon after birth; it was later thought that there was a genetic reason for this.
There was a fire many years ago so I have no pictures of my great great grandparents. I do however have a very small pair of socks (only about 2 inches long) that my great grandmother knitted; I also have an 1853 American penny and an 1857 Upper Canada token that were passed down to me.
There is the name Daniel Carroll on the Driscoll plot where my ancestors are buried even though he is not buried in the plot, I was told that he died at sea but have not been able to confirm this.
The James Driscoll that I believe was a brother to Thomas Driscoll had two daughters and one was deaf and the other I believe became a nun. This James Driscoll dies very young (in his thirities) he was a saloon keeper or innkeeper on Commissioners Street in Montreal.

My grandmother recounted a story about flooding in Griffintown (an Irish suburb in Montreal). This would happen in winter due to ice flows.

It is getting late so I will have to continue maybe tomorrow.

Once again Sharon I cannot thank you enough.


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Re: Driscoll

Post by mgallery » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:47 pm

Friends of mine are O'Driscoll descent from O'Callaghan Mills. I thought they said that the family came from Cork originally. I will check. There is a vet of that name in or around Ennis who is one of them.

On the Griffintown Montreal reference there is a small square there named Gallery square named after Daniel Gallery MP and Liberal whip and his family who had a big confectioners in Montreal (now Palm something). I have never found a connection with this Gallery branch. They are from Kiladysart area

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Re: Driscoll

Post by Driscoll » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:31 am

Hello Sharon,

There was a bread company POM Bakers (Pride of Montreal) located in Montreal West. Beside bread they made doughnuts, fruitcake etc. This is what Palm might actually be.
Eliza Carey married name Eliza Driscoll did go to live with her son John Patrick Driscoll after her husband Thomas died. I found a census record with this information on which it mentions that she came to Canada in 1853. I have thought that she might have met Thomas Driscoll in Ireland or in Vermont but have found thus far no record of them getting married in Vermont nor in Quebec which has been very frustrating.

Eliza Carey died in Portland Maine in January 1917 while on a trip there which is another lead as I think she was visiting relatives there.

There are many Carey's also spelled Cairey in and around Ste Sophie Quebec (north of Montreal) that are related to Eliza Carey. Eliza Carey and Thomas Driscoll's first daughter was born in 1857 in Ste Sophie. This record mentioned that Thomas Driscoll was from West Rutland Vermont.

I have thought that Thomas Driscoll might have worked in a quarry in Vermont as I have been told that many Irish immigrants did this. Thanks to a local memorial (gravestone) company with information on quarries in Vermont and a historical company in Rutland Vermont I will see if this leads me anywhere.

Are you interested in any pictures of St. Ann's church (now gone) in Griffintown and other pictures of Griffintown ( you may have already found some of these on the Internet)?

I have started looking at maps of County Clare and the information you provided so as to finally see where my ancestors came from in County Clare. This whole search started due to two references on different tombstones referring to Thomas Driscoll (in one plot) and James Driscoll in another plot as being natives of County Clare.

Do you know Thomas Carberry lived and worked in Vermont? I would suspect that he emigrated along with Thomas Driscoll at the same time, lived in Vermont at the same time and went together to Montreal.

It certainly would seem that their life stories would be fascinating if we could only have them tell us.

Regarding Daniel Carroll that I mentioned previously while he is not in that Driscoll plot with my grandparents etc I think that he may actually have been buried at sea and that here was some unknown reason for putting his name on the plot. Perhaps it was because he did live with my Driscoll relatives.

I will add more information next time.

Good night,


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Re: Driscoll

Post by mgallery » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:49 pm

Thanks you are probably right that when I thought the people from Montreal were saying Palm it was POM. Gallery bakery was sold to POM apparently the area is being done up and there are now Gallery Condos. One of the Canadian branch is studying in Dublin at the moment but a relatively famous and distant cousin of hers from that branch (I think a descendant of Daniel Gallery but if not of one of the brothers is Brian O'Neill Galleryt. http://cisf.concordia.ca/index.php?opti ... &Itemid=50.

Re O'Driscolls the people I know from O'Callaghans Mills say that a grandfather moved there from Cork. They have relatives in Australia. I have asked one of them to check the postings and see if the O'Driscolls are their family.

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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:57 am

I never found my Slattery notes, so I re-did that research. Bridget in Rutland County VT seems to have been consistently accurate in stating her age, which makes her too young to be a godparent in a Montreal baptism of 1855. However, this information is good to have on hand since the below Slattery family was from Broadford, Clare. I am also showing a Maloney and Worrall couple in the same cemetery; those two surnames together seem right for Kilkishen. I have done censuses for them but it doesn't add anything for our purposes. Very disappointingly, the Rutland newspapers (on the Library of Congress website) seemed to have avoided mentioning the area's Irish-born population.


1860 VT Rutland Co., Castleton
Slettery, Bridget 15 Ire (in a non-Irish farmer's household)

1860 VT Rutland Co., Castleton
Patrick 45 Ire day labor
Mary 40 Ire
Denis 9 Ire
Mary 4 VT
Patrick 1 " [died in 1860]

1870 VT Rutland Co, Rutland town
Slattery, Bridget 24 Ire servant, single

1870 VT Rutland Co, Rutland
Patrick 55 Ire laborer
Mary 50 Ire
Hannah 25 Ire
Dennis 19 VT laborer
Mary 14 "

1880 VT Rutland Co., Rutland, Main St.
Slattery,Bridget 34 Ire servant, single

1900 VT Rutland Co., Rutland 2-WD, So. Main St,.
Slattery, Bridget 51 Ire servant, single, img'd 1853

Calvary Cemetery Inscriptions, Rutland, Vermont
Some Gravestone Inscriptions from the State of Vermont
By Janice C. & Ronald C. Murphy

Name: Bridget Slattery
POB: Co. Clare
DOD: 1-8-1903
Inscription: Born Broadford, County Clare, Ireland
[Rutland death record: age 58]

Name: Patrick Slattery
POB: Co. Clare
DOB/AGE: 1812
DOD: 1878
Spouse of: Mary ________
Inscription: On same stone as Bridget - Listed as 'Father - Patrick'

Name: Mary Slattery
POB: Co. Clare
DOB/AGE: 1815
DOD: 1870
Spouse of: Patrick Slattery
Inscription: On same stone as Bridget - Listed as 'Mother -Mary'

Name: Michael Maloney
POB: Co. Clare
DOB/AGE: 1826
DOD: ?
Spouse of: Elizabeth Worrall
Inscription: Born Clare, Ireland

Name: Elizabeth Worrall
POB: Co. Clare
DOB/AGE: 1840
DOD: 10-2-1900
Spouse of: Michael Maloney
Inscription: Born Clare, Ireland, Died at Cuttingsville, Vermont

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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:10 pm


Do you know if Mary Ann of your family, b. 1857, stayed in Montreal ? I ran across a woman of that name and age in New York as of the 1880s. Her death info seems to show her parents as your Thomas and Elizabeth Driscoll. If you like, I can post a bit more on her and her husband Felix Murphy (b.c. 1854 Montreal, father Edward).

Sharon C.

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Re: Driscoll

Post by Driscoll » Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:46 am

Hello Sharon,

I do know that Eliza Driscoll and her husband Thomas remained in Montreal for the rest of their lives. My grandparents are buried in the same plot along with other family members.They had several children and my late mother is descended from one of their grandchildren.

The problem I have been having is learning when and where Eliza (nee Cairey or Carey) and Thomas Driscoll were married. It was before 1857.
He came from County Clare Ireland and lived in West Rutland Vermont before coming to Canada. Eliza had relatives in Portland Maine.

The surname Murphy appears in my searching but it seems on my mother's father's side; for other connections to Murphy I will have to search my records.

Any assistance you can be of is greatly appreciated.

I can provide dates for their children and the addresses Thomas and Eliza lived at in Montreal and relatives of Thomas and Eliza.



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Re: Driscoll

Post by Driscoll » Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:12 am

Hello Sharon,

I continue my quest regarding Driscoll and Carey families. I still cannot find Thomas Driscoll and Eliza Carey getting married. it seems she came to Canada in 1853 so that info helps. Thomas had a brother James and a brother Patrick and a brother? John and a brother/cousin Michael and a sister? Bridget. I cannot find his father James Driscoll marrying Emma or Hannah Connors. With some records available now on line I will continue searching and let you know how things go.

I saw a post you made where a connection exists between Carberry and Driscoll.

Also do you have a link to the 1861 Canada Census in Montreal showing Thomas Carberry living in the Driscoll household. In an earlier post you mentioned it but when I search the census I cannot find it?

I was in Notre Dame Des Neiges Cemetery in Montreal in January of this year and got some information which is helping in my search.



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Re: Driscoll

Post by smcarberry » Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:41 am


Congrats on gaining more details to assist your search. It sounds like you want to look further into Carey in Maine in the early to mid 1850s for Eliza's parish where the marriage may have taken place and for any other family members that may have still been there.

If you go back to the second sentence of my first posting here, you'll see my statement that I viewed the 1861 Montreal census on film at a library, because that census is not fully online. I have found no reason for Thomas Carberry to be part of your family's household, other than a social connection from having lived in East Clare as well. If you further develop your Connors line, there may be some linkage between Connors and Donnellan in East Clare (my Patrick Carberry married a Donnellan whose lineage may include Connors, a subject for further research on my part).

Please keep us advised as you make progress. Not many of us doing East Clare people in Montreal.

Sharon C.

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Re: Driscoll

Post by kbarlow » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:50 am

Hi Richard, I have a Michael O'Driscoll connected to my Kierce/Griffy family, as follows:
Feb 1824 marriage of a Michael O'Driscoll & Anna Griffy of Kilnaboy; witnesses Patrick Griffy of Carownamadra & Michael McKean (Rath & Kilnaboy RC Parish)
28 Feb 1830 baptism of Anna Kearce, daughter to Francis & Bridget Griffy of Commons (ie Commons Sth townland); sponsors Michael Driscal (?Sp) & Maria Reddan

Anna Kierce migrated to Australia, living in Ballarat, where numerous other family also migrated to.

Regards, Kerry

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