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Post by Declan Barron » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:00 pm

In Ferrars 'History of Limerick' the birth of James in Bunratty Castle is confirmed but the date differs slightly.
James O'Gorman (who was the fourth son of Daniel O'Gorman and Mary Roche, daughter of Philip Roche of Limerick), was born in the Castle of Bunratty, Co. Clare, in 1681; he lost his property, and went to live in Limerick in 1724, where he married Christina Harold, third daughter of Thomas Harold and Alicia Enraght. He died in 1736. He had three sons and one daughter. His second son Thomas was born in 1724, and went to England in 1747, to claim for his relative Mrs. Margaret Daly Walsh's estates, as heir-in-law to Sheffield Duke of Buckingham, and succeeded in establishing her right. He afterwards established himself as a merchant in London;. He died in 1800, and the merchantile house, a somewhat eminent one, was continued under the firm of Gorman Brothers. He had fourteen children. The period at which he dropped the O' was after he went to London. The names of his sons were Edmond Sexton, Alieuthouse, Thomas Harold, James (Michael Arthur). William, Sivester, Charles, James Denis, Charles, Thadeus, and George. It was James, we believe, that gave evidence for Mr. Arthur (below). Edmond A. Gorman, Esq., of East Berghall (sic - Bergholt), Suffolk, represents this family.
" a young gentleman of the name of Gorman, a nephew of Mr. Arthur, lately arrived from London."
Francis Arthur son of Patrick 1798 Limerick.

I would be interested in contacting anyone with further information on this branch of this family.

This would seem to be a descendant
Edmond Sexton Gorman Munkhouse and Michael Arthur Gorman of the city of London merchants ... firm of Gorman Brothers ...
Bankruptcy 1812 London.

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Re: O'Gorman

Post by pwaldron » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:31 am

I see you have found some well-known descendants of James O'Gorman from Bunratty Castle:

https://www.con-telegraph.ie/news/round ... -connecti/

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