Protestant converts to RC, 1800s, Clare-related

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Protestant converts to RC, 1800s, Clare-related

Post by smcarberry » Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:55 pm

Converts to Rome : a biographical list of the more notable converts to the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom during the last sixty years
Author: Gordon-Gorman, William James, 1858-
Publisher: London : Sands, 1910

p. 68 Calcutt, Francis Macnamara, B.A. Trinity College, Dublin, formerly M.P. For co. Clare

p. 85 Considine, Heffernan (1816-1895), B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge; D.L., J.P.; of Derk. co. Limerick, Ireland; oldest son of Heffernan Considine by Elizabeth Patten; he married Miss McMahon of Firgrove, co. Clare; father of Sir Heffernan J.F. Consdine, C.B., M.V.O., D.L., Deputy-Inspector-General of the Royal Irish Constabulary; and of the Rev. Daniel Considine, Priest of the Society of Jesus and Rector of Wimbledon College, London, S.W.; father-in-law of the late Lieutenant-Colonel William McCarthy-O'Leary, South Lancashire Regiment, of Coomlagane, co. Cork, who was killed in the last South African War; and to whom a statue has been erected in Warrington, Lancashire; grandfather of Captain John McCarthy-O'Leary, South Lancashire Regiment and of Lieutenant Henry William Denis McCarthy-O'Leary, of the Royal Irish Fusiliers. (1855)

p. 85 Considine, County James (1824-1907), educated in France and at the University of Heidelberg; of the British Consular Service; youngest brother of Heffernan Considine (1816-1895), J.P., D.L., of Derk, co. Limerick, Ireland; his title was a Roman one. (1882)

p. 126 Fitzgerald, Field-Marshall Sir John Foster (1784-1877), G.C.B.; fought during the Peninsular War; held commands in India and Canada; at one time M.P. for co. Clare, Ireland. (1849)

p. 135 (printed p. 113) Gallwey, Mrs. Augusta, wife of Colonel Edmund Joseph Gallwey, C.B., late of the Somerset Light Infantry, who took part in the Zulu and South African War, daughter of A. Burtchaell, J.P., of Corbally, co. Clare, Ireland.

p. 203 Mahoney, John, J.P., of Cragg, co. Clare, Ireland. (1849)

p. 226 O'Brien, The Hon. Louisa Anna Maria, youngest daughter of Lucius O'Brien, (1800-1872), thirteenth Baron Inchiquin, by Louisa, daughter of Major James Finucane, of Ennistymon House. co. Clare. (1908)

p. 228 O'Gorman, Mrs., daughter of Dr. Mervyn N. Crawford, of Millwood, co. Fermanagh, Ireland; wife of Edmund O'Gorman, of co. Clare. (1860)

p. 287 Talbot, Marcus, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin; of Ennis, co. Clare, Ireland.

p. 93 (printed page 71) Cuffe, Captain, of Connaught, Ireland.

p. 93 Cuffe, John Otway, of St. Albans, co. Kilkenny, and of Grange, Queen's County, Ireland; grandson of the last Earl of Harborough.

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