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Welcome to the Clare Past Forum

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Welcome to the Clare Past Forum.

You will need to register first on the forum before you can post any messages, but that is a simple enough operation. Do be careful with the visual captcha at the end when registering. This is in place to deter robot spammers that are a plague on all online forums. The important thing to note about the captcha is that you need to match up the images twice. You're given two images on top, and a number beneath them. Click on the one that most resembles the first one first, and then do the same for the second image.

This online space is dedicated to County residents and members of the Clare Diaspora who want to find out about their forebears and the social structure they lived in. We will be doing our best to promote a lively discussion and encourage members to contribute (to paraphrase J F Kennedy, don't ask what this forum can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for the forum, etc. etc.).

Members looking for information about their Clare ancestors are encouraged to post questions and the genealogically more experienced members of the forum will do their best to help with pointers and data. When posting questions please include a synopsis of what you already know so that those trying to help you don't simply bombard you with information you already have.

Before submitting each posting please check the Subject line to ensure that it reflects the content of the posting. This is especially important when replying to a message in a thread because in the course of a thread the contents of the messages often drift off the topic in the original Subject line. In other words the Subject lines no longer reflect the contents of the messages and that makes browsing of the forum by Subject line impossible. Close attention to this aspect will be greatly appreciated. We reserve the right to merge or move any post into its appropriate topic whenever necessary.

Members are also encouraged to post transcriptions of documents they have found, e.g. in libraries and archives, and which they feel might be of interest to other Clare family historians.

Please do your best to formulate your postings in language which promotes congenial and productive discussion. Remember that your readers cannot see your facial expression and might misinterpret as sarcasm a remark which was written with a grin. Smileys are at your disposal to lubricate the discourse (published scientific research has shown that 98% of smiles are caused by smiles from others). Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration on this vital aspect of transglobal non-face-to-face communication

Flaming will not be tolerated and will lead to summary removal of the flamer from the forum. Religious, sectarian and political statements other than documented historical references are not permitted and will lead to removal of the offender from the forum. This forum is not an appropriate venue for the promotion of publications by their authors. The administrators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove any posting at any time without prior notification.