The Irish Canadian, newspaper with a Clare column

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The Irish Canadian, newspaper with a Clare column

Post by smcarberry » Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:06 pm

The Google News Archive has online editions of this weekly Toronto (Ontario province) newspaper from May 1877 to May 1890: ... de=2&hl=en

Each edition consists of about 8 pages of news of interest to Canadian readers of Irish heritage. My reading this weekend was restricted to just the page (in almost every edition) that contains recent news directly from Irish correspondants, sorted by county. The Clare part of that page has the usual preference to trendy items, such as the activities of prominent men and events relating to industry. Also of interest to the journalist doing this page were the efforts to organize groups like the Land League, so there are numerous items detailing the time and success of meetings for that purpose in various areas in the county. Many editions discuss which landlord had been persuaded to provide rent reductions and the amount involved.

The Clare section provides some news of overseas incidents of Clare residents and regularly reports the transfers and promotions of the clergy, Catholic and Protestant. Women entering convents are written up with full birth names, often with parents' identities provided, and then usually the new religious names are given. The deaths of well-known people, both religious and secular, are well covered, with anyone of extreme old age included.

Examples are shown below. To see such columns yourself, go to the final page of an edition, then click on that page and then on the magnifying glass icon in the Google online page's blue taskbar near the top of the screen. There then appears a small blue box on the preceding page (usually page 7) which you click on and drag to the right on the screen, where there is a portion of the next page showing. That final page becomes shown in full. You then position the blue box over the left side of p. 8 until you reach the Clare section; the counties are listed alphabetically.

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