History of Daisy Maria Mulville.

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History of Daisy Maria Mulville.

Post by raybock » Sun May 16, 2010 3:29 am

Hello to the Clare County Library Forum,
My name is Ray Bock and I live in South Australia. For more than a few years I have been researching our family history and have had some success but our Irish connection - my Grandmother - is and has been a complete mystery.If through this forum I can solve this puzzle I would be truly greatfull.
From the best info that I have my Grandmother was named "Daisy Maria Mulville" and was born in County Clare in 1872/3.This information is from my fathers birth certificate and was supplied to the registrar by her at "Broken Hill" in NSW.I have not been able to locate marriage details. As my Grandmother passed away at Wallaroo in South Australia at the relatively young age of 28 years (2/8/1900) and my granfather married again there is very little (or no) recorded information of my Grandmothers background which I find very sad. She had three surviving children a boy (my father) and two girls. My Grandfather was Frederick Bock.
How and when Daisy left Ireland and where she arrived in Australia with what family etc are all those frustrating questions that have just about started to haunt me.If I could gain some insight to her Irish background it would be great.
Thank you in anticipation -- Ray Bock.

Paddy Casey
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History of Daisy Maria Mulville.

Post by Paddy Casey » Sun May 16, 2010 9:49 am

Welcome, Ray.

Just to save us re-ploughing well-ploughed ground: have you searched the Clare Library forum at http://www.clarelibrary.ie for family clusters of Mulvilles, Mulvihills, Mulvihils, Mulvehills, and all the other phonetic variants of the name ? There are lots of them there, even going back to to the Tithe Applotments in the early 19th century.

See, for example, Maria Mulville in the 1901 census of Knock Town at http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclar ... 98_13b.htm (we're not told when your Daisy Maria emigrated, but if it was after 1910 this may be relevant.....)

Also in the Clare Library collections, note that at http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/guests2005.htm Terry Murphy, of Queensland, Australia, was searching for Mulvihill ancestors from Kilrush, Co. Clare.

Once you have assembled a few 'suspect' families and localities you could have a shot at obtaining a copy of her birth certificate. You know the year of birth, assuming the information is accurate, so you are off to a good start. The registers of births were started in 1864 so she may be recorded. See How do I apply for a Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate or photocopy from the General Register Office? at http://www.groireland.ie/faqs.htm#1

Some births were not registered for one reason or another but, heck, no-one and/or no system is perfect.

And so on and so forth.


miriam scahill
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Re: History of Daisy Maria Mulville.

Post by miriam scahill » Sun May 16, 2010 10:22 pm

Hello Ray - There has been a lot of corres. in last few months re Mulvihille & Honan Families on this forum - but I don't think they are your connections.
However - I have looked at a few entries on Church of Latter Day Saints - pilot.familysearch.org/record search - and the following details might be of interest to you:

Margaret Mulvihille born in Kilkee in 1872 - parents John Mulvihille & Kate Haragan - poss. Hourigan.
Margaret Mulvihill born Labasheeds (near Killadysert) in 1873 parents Cornelius Mulvihill and Mary Casey
Mary Mulville do. In 1871 parents Cornelius MULVILLE and Mary Casey
Ellen Mulvihill do. in 1874 parents Cornelius Mulvihill and Mary Casey.
It appears that these are 3 sisters - but note spelling of surname for Mary.
Two other Margaret Mulvihills born 1873 in Ennis and 1870 in Ennistymon.
So - perhaps you could find details of Mary Mulville born in 1871. - Ref. Nos. on LDS site.

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Re: History of Daisy Maria Mulville.

Post by raybock » Mon May 17, 2010 7:06 am

Many thanks to both Paddy and Miriam for those unexpectedly prompt replies - makes one feel good.
Yes I know that the name spelling could be a trap for people like myself - Mulville is the spelling that I have but yes it could be 'Melville, Mulvihill' etc, etc.
Also I believe that she was born (around)1872 and was certainly here in Australia in 1896 (my father's birthday).She was 28(?) when she died during childbirth in 1900.
I wish that I had more data to work with.
Thanks again and yes I will follow up on those leads.

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