Clare men in Ontario, Canada

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Clare men in Ontario, Canada

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Found in the Internet Archive about which Paddy Casey posted:

Commemorative biographical record of the county of York, Ontario : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families, illustrated
Toronto: J H Beers, 1907

pp. 377-78 also O'BRIEN family
CHARLES B. DOHERTY. Among the successful business men and highly esteemed citizens
of Toronto was the late Charles Doherty, who passed away at his home, No. 22 Pembroke
street, Toronto, Nov. 2, 1900. Mr. Doherty was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1842, son of Michael and Norah (O'Brien) Doherty. About the year 1850 Michael Doherty settled
in Brantford, where he engaged in farming, and there he and his wife died. Their children were as follows: Edward, of Buffalo; Patrick, of Hamilton: Mrs. John Carey, of St. Catharines; Mrs. John Enright, of Chicago ; Mrs. Judge, of Brantford; and Charles B.
Charles B. Doherty was but a boy of seven or eight years when his father settled in Brantford. There he attended school, and in about 1862 removed to Toronto, engaging as a the fancy goods business. From this place he went to the firm of Nerlich
& Baker (subsequently...Nerlich & Co.), where after two years he became a member
of the firm, in that capacity continuing until his death...
In 1866 Mr. Doherty married in Toronto Miss Charlotte Lalor, born in Dublin in 1849, daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Hughes) Lalor...To Mr. and Mrs. Doherty these children were
born : Charles B., of Toronto, married Agnes Hinchie ; Thomas Arthur, of Toronto, manager
of Joseph Simpson Sons' Knitting Mills; Harry, deceased: Frank, deceased; Rev. Father George E. of Toronto; Leo A. W., with the Canadian Pacific Railroad at Toronto, holding the position of chief clerk to the Assistant Freight Traffic Manager; Charlotte, wife of Arthur
Knowlton, of Toronto, by whom she has four sons, Arthur, Charles, Leo and George; Ethel;
Frederick, manager of the Stirling Bank, Mille Roches, Ont, who married Etta Cunningham, of
Ottawa ; and Edward. Mr. Doherty was a member of the Roman Catholic Church. In politics
he was a Reformer...

p. 599 also NASH family
DENNIS FLANAGAN, after a residence there of almost half a century, died in Toronto in
1901. He was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1847, son of John and Mary (Nash) Flanagan,
natives of the Emerald Isle, who came to Toronto in 1854. They both passed the remainder
of their lives in this city, Mr. Flanagan passing his active years in the milk business. Dennis Flanagan received his education in the schools of Toronto, and in starting out for himself first engaged in teaming, and later went into the mercantile business, dealing in all lines
of household furnishings, his place of business being at the corner of Manning avenue and
Arthur streets. Here he built his home with his business place, and continued until his death. Mr. Flanagan was married to Miss Margaret McCarty, born in Ireland, daughter of Charles and Mary (Welsh) McCarty. The McCartys came to Toronto in 1854, where, three months later, the father was accidentally killed. Mrs. McCarty survived her husband some years. Nine children were born to Dennis and Margaret Flanagan, namely: .John Joseph, Mary Jane, Charles V., Richard A., Margaret L., Lillie Gertrude, Katie B., Annie and William E.
Mr. Flanagan was a member of the Roman Catholic Church, to which faith his widow also adheres...

p. 646-7 also KENNEDY and HAYES families
MRS. W. J. LILLIS, proprietress of the "Eagle House" of Weston, County York, .Ont,
was born in Toronto City, in January, 1869, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Hayes) Kennedy, natives of County Clare, Ireland, who came to Canada when young people. Mrs. Kennedy died May 2, 1906, at her home in Toronto, the mother of eight children: Mrs. Lillis; Michael, born in Toronto in 1871, is unmarried and a mechanic at Milwaukee, Wisconsin; John, born in 1873, died in young manhood in Toronto; Nellie, born in 1878, was educated at St. Joseph's College, and is now residing at home; William, born in 1880, is unmarried and
is engaged as a travelling man for a large Toronto house; Frances, born in 1883, and educated in St. Joseph 's College, resides at the home in Toronto ; and Thomas and Dennis died in childhood.
Mrs. Lillis was educated in St. Mary's school, and followed this with a course at St. Joseph's
College. In February, 1891, she was married to W. J. Lillis, who was born in Vaughan township, County York, in June, 1867, son of Michael and Martha (Gleason) Lillis, who came to Canada from farming people, and there died some years ago. For a few years after marriage, Mr. Lillis followed butchering, but in 1895 he came to Weston, and engaged in the hotel business, renting the "Eagle House." Here he continued until his death, Sept. 4, 1901, since which time Mrs. Lillis has conducted the well-known hostelry with much success. Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Lillis: Sarah M., born in 1892, who died April 26, 1905; and Alfred 1., born April 27, 1893. Mr. Lillis was a faithful member of the Catholic Church, to which Mrs. Lillis also adheres. In politics he was a Reformer...

p. 291
THOMAS FRANKLIN McMAHON, of Richmond Hill, was born in Whitchurch, near Aurora,
Feb. 1, 1852. His parents came from County Clare, Ireland, in 1846, and settled in
the County of York, Ont. where he attended the Aurora public schools...He followed the teacher's profession for thirteen years, and after concluding a four years' term as principal of the Richmond Hill public schools he purchased the Liberal newspaper...As a bookseller and stationer the proprietor enjoys an extensive trade...Mr. McMahon has always supported the Liberal party in politics. In religion he is a Methodist...He is also clerk of the Third Division Court for the County of York, having been appointed to that position in January, 1899...
On June 30, 1886, Mr. McMahon was married to Tillie Irene, youngest daughter of the late
Frederick Ferdinand Schmidt, of Chatham, Ont., whose death twelve years afterward
awakened feelings of deepest sympathy and regret among relatives and friends. Mr. Me-
Mahon has three children: Goldwin Starr, studying law in the office of Denton, Dun &
Boultbee; and Nora Marian and Hazel Irene, at home.

pp. 395-6
PATRICK NEALON. who departed this life in March, 1894, at his late home in Toronto,
was a well-known commercial traveller of Ontario...He was born in County Clare, Ireland, Dec. 25. 1835, son of Martin and Mary (Murray) Nealon, both natives of Ireland, who, in 1845, settled in Newmarket, County York, where they both died, leaving these children : Martin, James, John, Bridget and Patrick. Patrick Nealon received but a limited education
in Newmarket, and to complete his education attended night schools in Toronto. He
married Miss Maria Butler, daughter of William and Freelove~( Thomas) Butler, the former
of whom was born in England, while the latter was a native of the United States. Mr. Butler
was a miller, by trade, and for many years followed that business in St. Catharines and
Jordan, dying in the latter place. His wife died in the United States. Their children were as
follows : Maria, Mrs. Nealon,1 born near St. Catharines, in 1827; Harriet; Susan; William;
and James. After his marriage Mr. Nealon engaged in Toronto with Thomas Nixon and other firms for a number of years, and then became a commercial traveller, for seventeen years representing the firm of John Haley, of Toronto...Mr. and Mrs. Nealon had one son... William, who was born in Newmarket in 135fi [sic], was a student in Toronto, and married Annie White, by whom he had five children, only two of whom, Joseph and Maria, are living. Mr. J. William Nealon was for some time the proprietor of the "Laughan House," Brandon, Man., but is now in business in Toronto: he and his wife are members of the Church of England. Patrick Nealon was a member of the Roman Catholic Church, while his wife was a Methodist. Although there was a difference in their religious beliefs, this nevor was allowed to interfere with the serenity of their home life.

p. 430
MICHAEL O'HALLORAN...passed away in Toronto, Juy 2, 1902...Mr. O'Halloran was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1820, and in 1850 came to Toronto...He supplied many institutions with his goods, among them the jail, the asylum, St. Michael's College, Loretto Abbey, the soldiers at the barracks, and many others. He retired from business about 1891. At the time of Mr. O'Halloran 's settling in Toronto the Grand Trunk railroad had not been built, and when he purchased a farm at Mono Mills he walked the distance many a time on a road little better than a deer trail...In politics Mr. 0'Halloran was a Reformer. He was a member of the Roman Catholic Church...Mr. O'Halloran married Julia McNulty, who was born in County Mayo. Ireland, in 1830, and came to Canada in 1844. She now makes her home at No. 128 Jarvis street, in the residence built by her husband, one of the first on the street. Mr. O'Halloran invested in a large amount of real estate on the same street...Mr. and Mrs. O'Halloran had two daughters: Mary Eleanor, born at No. 128 Jarvis street, is the wife of Daniel J. O'Halloran, who since 1884 has been connected with the Observatory at the Toronto University; they have children Hector, Rita, Mary, Arthur, Gerald, John and Elizabeth...The second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Halloran is Miss Julia, a pupil
of Loretto Abbey, and now residing at the old homestead with her mother.
Sharon Carberry
Researching Carberry in 1850s/60s Montreal only

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