O'Hallorans of Cloverhill & Ballycunneen

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O'Hallorans of Cloverhill & Ballycunneen

Post by Jim » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:45 am

While researching the family of Lt Col Thomas McMahon of Clonina (Clooneenagh)& Newcourt, Bray, who died in 1818, I came across the following: Died in Jamaica, Lieut John Theophilus O'Halloran of the 101st Regiment, eldest son of M O'Halloram of Clover Hill, Co Clare, and nephew to the Rt Hon Colonel McMahon (Limerick Chronicle 19 Feb 1814). This was of interest as I don't know the surname of the wife of 'my' Col Thos McMahon, just that her christian name was Maria, she died at Newcourt in 1847. To confuse matters, at this time there was another Colonel Thomas McMahon (1779-1860) who was the youngest son of John McMahon, Comptroller of the Port of Limerick, by his second wife Mary Stacpoole. This Thomas later inherited a baronetcy from his half brother Sir John McMahon, Private Secretary to the Prince Regent. So which Col McMahon was related by marriage to the O'Hallorans?.
I also came across the following from the Ennis Chronicle of 9 Feb 1792: Dublin 4th Married last Tuesday Anthony O'Halloran of Ballycunneen in the county of Clare to Miss McMahon of Trinity street.
I had a look at the info available online re the O'Hallorans of Clover Hill & Ballycunneen. The only 'M O'Halloran' who could be the father of Lieut John Theophilus seems to be Matthew 1759-1797, but he is said to have died without issue. As John Theophilus is reported to have been the eldest son of M, this implies that he had at least one brother. The same source says that Matthew married Miss McMahon, then of Dublin, & possibly of the Stonehall family. The EC report names Miss McMahon's husband as Anthony O'Halloran, not Matthew.
Col Thos McMahon of Clonina & Newcourt was son of Andrew McMahon d 1796 who was Surveyor in the Pool, Limerick, a Revenue position which probably necessitated his converting to Protestantism. Andrew had at least one daughter who died unmarried in 1773. Could another daughter have been the Miss McMahon who married O'Halloran in 1792?.

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